Gaia Portal 4/9 ~ Becoming Super Human


Clarity, Purpose, Serenity, Harmony, Resonance

Mysteries of Light movements clarify

9 Apr

gaia_energy1Mysteries of Light movements clarify.

My last interpretation told of the Light of our Higher Selves “descending” to integrate with our lower selves (lower mind and body).  That does sound mysterious.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed a couple of private messages with readers trying to understand whether their own Higher Self is coming through at all, and how to know that the Higher Self is acting in certain situations.  Impacts and implications of having integrated our selves become clear.

Purposes of energetic transformations are viewed and embraced.

We now see the reasons for Transformation from 3D to 5D world, which changes have ALL been energetic.  We experience what the energetic Transformation has done for us.  We see the changes in our personalities; we feel and embrace increased fulfillment, satisfaction, ease and enjoyment. 

Furthermore, the integrated Super Human has wider views.  As our two selves meld, we start remembering the true history of Earth.  We understand the position of Hue-Beings on Earth in the context of being a planet in our Milky Way.  Earth has a planetary mission and we realize what that is.

Frenetics calm.

All of our personal rat races are ending.  Unaffected by the controlled fear-inspiring media, and fearlessly trusting our own path with heart, our lives are settling down.  See, the Higher Self has the perspective of looking “down from above”, at all aspects of our lives.  As it, we view factors far beyond what our lower mind could know.  The lower mind can’t predict what will happen, while the Higher Self sees a ways into the future, all possibilities and likely probabilities, and knows how to prepare and react.  Integrated, we cannot fear.  Serenity settles over us.

Harmonics are realized.

We Super Humans reach harmony within our multidimensional selves, harmony of body, lower mind, and Higher Self.  We also harmonize among each other, and with all of Mother Earth.  We will even harmonize with our ET families and friends, when we stop being a war zone, so they can get close to us.

Hue-Beings couple.

Hue-Beings couple the lower mind and the Higher Self.  In many ways we couple.  Having a harmonic personal energetic system and understanding ourselves well, we feel the resonance of people we meet.  We recognize those with whom we harmonize and choose from those people for various types of relationships.  We feel and know the right person for an intimate, long-term relationship.

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