New Earth

Gaia Portal 4/5 ~ Smooth Journey in New Earth

smooth road

Illusions of form continue to present, for dissolution

3 Apr

gaia_energy1Illusions of form continue to present, for dissolution.

Truths are coming out, more and more, to rid us of illusions about life, religion, politics, society, food, etc.  Many things are to be presented, many false beliefs of all areas of our lives.  We’ve been lied to and dumbed down on just about everything. 

Forget that Cabal.  Its power is over.  It is up to us now to share truth, wake up and adjust to the dissolutions.

Rapid scrubbing is noted.

People are being rapidly cleaned of all fears, anxieties, anger, and pain.  Society is being scrubbed of all negativity and harmful ways.

Softenings of the vibrational journey are experienced.

As we become scrubbed up, shiny clean, positive 5D people of New Earth, our multidimensional energetic vibrations are elevated.  That journey to higher vibrations has been a bumpy ride on a rough road, and now that road has smoothed.  Progress is easier.

Gaia speaks to all.

Mother Earth speaks to all ~ in this post and in our daily lives.

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