Tatting of Consciousness ~ Gaia Message


Tatting of Consciousness. That which is One, is many, and that which is many is ONE.

Internettations are continued and expanded

29 Jan

gaia_energy1Internettations are continued and expanded.

What type of internet tatting? 

The connections between the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves are growing.  That’s body/mind/soul, in broad terms.

Connections between beings.   Earth Hue-beings connect with each other, assisting members of the Galactic Federation and higher beings who are also assisting New Earth.  Group consciousness.

Frequencies of trust are reached in harmony.

I think we are just now (re) learning to trust our physical bodies to heal.  Also, learning to trust intuition, information from our Higher Selves.  We are harmonizing our multi-dimensional selves. 

Hue-Men’s harmonious higher (than we had before) energetic frequencies allow that they trust each other and trust New Earth and all beings working together to create it.

Nesting of potentials create new possibilities.

You could call getting rid of the dark beings a nesting of potential in the sense of nesting Freedom.  Freedom creates new possibilities.

You could also use nesting to mean things fitting one inside another like those wooden painted Russian dolls.  This would be like your aura, an interpenetrating set of energies, each of these nesting inside the other.  We are learning to see ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, learning to consciously utilize all those energies in our daily lives.  This nesting of different densities or frequencies of consciousness gives us new possibilities.  To briefly clarify, we are each aware of our body, emotions, rational thoughts, higher mental activity (intuition), and even soul desires and knowledge. 

All those aspects of individual selves begin to work together inside a group consciousness. 

How could we combine all these potentials without creating new possibilities?

Recognition of potentials create new creations.

And so, with Freedom, multi-dimensional consciousness AND harmonious group consciousness, we recognize more potentials, and become mighty creators!

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