The Event

Countdown to “The Event” ~ Sacred Oneness ~ Gaia Portal

~ Sacredness of Collectives Is Recognized ~


Selections of Higher Energetics illuminate all

20 Jan

gaia_energy1Selections of Higher Energetics illuminate all.

Divine Light Beings have been selected to serve Mother Earth and humanity in our final stages of Illumination (Ascension from humanity to Hue-Manity).  Their Light energies illuminate all on Earth.

Energetics comply with the Nova Gaia patterns.

Human energetic configurations (physical, emotional, mental) harmonize with that of New Earth.

Fellowship follows release.

As we release our energetic blockages to Lightness of Being (our illness, emotional issues, and mental hangups and beliefs), we Love more.  We feel closer to each other.  We are in Fellowship with other humans and all beings of Earth.

Countdown sequentials have commenced.

Those in Higher Realms don’t experience time in the way that we do.  Also, events are very dependent on Free Will of those involved.  That’s why when channelers or prophets include dates in predictions, they so often miss the date.  It is more accurate to speak of sequences of events that must or will happen.

A sequence of events is now counting down to The Event!

Expansion of Gaia Consciousness begins anew

23 Jan

gaia_energy1Expansion of Gaia Consciousness begins anew.

Our Consciousness expansion, which is mostly what Ascension is all about is taking another bump up.

You realize how much you and others you know have become more positive, more wise, and more loving.  We’re set for even more welcome improvement—ability to “see” what is happening on the other side of the world; to communicate long distance; to look inside someone’s body; to miraculously heal self and others; to communicate clearly with those on higher realms; to travel in the astral body; to manifest almost immediately what is desired.  At some point, we will do all these things.

Acceleration factors are included at the requested time points.

Factors that are accelerating our Consciousness expansion may include more than energy, even things we would not have thought of.  Factors that have come to play earlier have included DNA upgrades, kids born with DNA already changed, the three waves of volunteers, many angels incarnating.  Since latter December, the 3D matrix has been cleared away, along with many dark entities.  Many old souls have come in as walkins (one soul leaves a body, replaced by another, the walkin).  These are Light entities who will accelerate and assure the further Ascension of humanity.  [See related posts on Georgi Stankov’s site.]

Some of those factors may be real world events like the doing away with fiat currency, like the dollar, and work by Putin and others to disclose the work of the Cabal.

Who made the requests?  A multitude of Divine Beings who have been assisting Mother Earth and humanity’s Ascension to fourth and fifth density 5D (fifth dimension) New Earth made the requests of the Prime Creator.

Fluctuations are smoothed in the process.

The impetus of all the acceleration factors removes the up and down status of situations and of the Ascension status of humans.  Steady progress is made by all.

Sacredness of collectives are recognized.

In 3D we learned the valuable perspective of ourselves as individuals.  In 5D, we begin to take more notice of our similarities than our differences.  We feel our connectedness with each other and begin to make group efforts, as equals with the same goals.  We recognize the Sacred Oneness of the group.

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