New Earth

Address to the Ancestors ~ Andrew Bartzis

This declaration is from an email by Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.  If we each made this declaration, I think it would speed changes to the goodness of New Earth.  Why or how?  We are powerful beings, even if we are just waking up to that fact.  When we declare something in Light, that’s it.  No one has dominion over us.

~ Andrew’s Insights ~

Andrew Ancestors

Address To The Ancestors

And so it begins. This address is to our ancestors, past, present and future. This address is multi-dimensional, multi-galaxy, multi-universe address to all the factions that have taken it upon themselves to drive forward our hologram of shared, unsovereign reality.

To all those self-supposed appointed leaders of this generation of the great dreamtime awakening and to all factions operating in earth dream space that manipulate and pervert the natural co-creative path of our species and planet, I say unto you the following:

We reject the aberration known as global media machine, which spews out lies and fabrications so your influenced belief system can retain power of all those who are still unaware of their true human potential in this reality, now shared between those awake and awakening.

We reject the constant assaults of propaganda impregnated with the highest dense energy levels upon our souls. We reject your system of domination and control. We spit out your sodium fluoride and GMO corn. We discard your IDs and passport systems. We delete your fiat currency and false debt created. We reject the notion of your false science of global warming. We reject your false equation of gravity and reality function. We reject your sense of culture that says we are a male-dominated society.

We reject you and all that you stand for.

We know love. Love is what it is. It is the experience, and in this particular reality love is the foundational rule that they try to change. Love is mother and father. Love is earth. Love is Gaia. Love is the wind, the ocean, the rain, the moving of the seasons and the passing of the stars. All of that is an expression of love.

When we choose to live in this world in full love expression, domination and control has not a place here. We are unlimited beings. We do not have to go to war. We do not have to defend. We have to learn our history. We have to look at ourselves and our DNA and take apart the sacred geometry systems and return them to zero balance.

Sovereignty starts in your heart and where you get out of your mind and you sit in the seed of your heart and realize you are in charge of this hologram in this world, in this moment of now.

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