Is There a Spirit Realm and Do I Receive Loving Help and Guidance From It?

When asked, it answers, therefore it IS

When asked, it answers, therefore it IS

Greetings my friends.  In my November 5 post, I suggested an alternative to our relying strictly on authoritative sources as a means of formulating our spiritual beliefs.  Fortunately, we can make our own observations and making them requires no special psychic abilities.  Even if we are heavily influenced by the spiritual teachings of authoritative sources,  we should not ignore the knowledge we acquire in our everyday lives through our everyday experience.  We should stand ready to revise our beliefs– no matter what the source– if we find that they are inconsistent with our personal experience.  It is, of course, also true that,  if our beliefs and experiences are consistent, we derive a sense of confidence in those beliefs, especially when faced with conflicting points of view.

Today, I would like to begin sharing a few of my own experiences which have convinced me that there is a spirit realm and that I am receiving loving help and guidance from it.  My belief in this regard is rooted in my personal experiences which are consistent with that belief.  It is not just a matter of what I have been taught by others, but a matter of what I have been taught by the life I am blessed to have lived.

By the time I was a college freshman, I had already accepted that there is a God who answers prayers.  This belief was not so much a product of my personal experience but was primarily a product of my Catholic upbringing.  I believed in God and I prayed.  But now I can look back on many personal experiences which are consistent with my belief that Spirit exists and that I receive assistance from Spirit in times of need.  One such experience occurred as I parked my 1958 Pontiac Chieftan in a crowded lot and began walking to my freshman psych class some four or five blocks away.  As I began my walk, out of habit I searched for the pencil I intended to use to take notes in class. I was a note-taking fanatic.  I tried to record every idea that was expressed by my teachers, fearing that if I missed anything I would make a terrible grade on upcoming exams.  Being a bit of a perfectionist, I strived to make an “A” in every class but knew that I must work diligently to do so.  It was extra effort, not extra intelligence, that I relied upon.  No, I could not do without that pencil.  But, much to my dismay– and “dismay” is an understatement, I had forgotten my pencil.  Could I borrow a pencil from a classmate?  Maybe; but that was little comfort.  I was still distressed that I might miss taking notes for a whole class.  As I began walking, I said this prayer to myself, “Dear God, please let me find a pencil on the way to class.”  But immediately upon saying these words, I thought, “Isn’t that silly.  Here I am a college freshman praying for a pencil !”  That was definitely an expression of doubt; and maybe it was  tinged with a bit of embarrassment that I had done such a foolish thing as pray for a pencil.  Just in case I am not understood at this point:  I no longer think it a foolish thing  to pray for a pencil or for anything else, no matter how trivial.  Here is why.  As soon as I uttered these words– not five seconds had lapsed– I looked down at the sidewalk as my right foot hit the ground and there at the tip of my toe was a pencil !

Yes, I wondered, as many readers may well speculate, how many pencils have been dropped on the ground somewhere on a large university campus at any given time?  Well, probably quite a few.  What is the probability that one such pencil would appear at the tip of my toe a split second after I had prayed to find one?  I guess you know my answer to that one.

The French philosopher Rene´ Descartes saw great value in skepticism.  He even insisted on proof of his own existence!  He is well known for stating the basis for his belief in his existence:  “Cogito ergo sum. (I think, therefore I am.)”   To anyone who is skeptical of the existence of Spirit, I would recommend a variation on Descartes’ formulation:  When asked, it answers, therefore it IS.

There are other occasions, however, when I have received help from Spirit even when I am not aware of having asked for it.  In a sense, Spirit has answered even when not asked.  Such occasions are difficult to recognize when it is easy to explain them in conventional, nonspiritual terms.  In my above example, if I had not found the pencil very shortly after I had prayed to find it, I could have more readily explained it in other terms.  Despite having been helped by Spirit, I may have attributed it simply to my good fortune or to coincidence or to the ease with which pencils can be acquired on college campuses.  Occasions in which we are given help by Spirit even though we are not aware of having asked warrant more attention than this posting can give,  so I will leave that to my next post.


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  1. I remember in High School, when people asked why I was so intelligent, I would say, ‘I am not intelligent; I just work harder.’ There was an error in this thinking however, everyone has a particular area of intelligence. Mine was just the kind for good grades, my social intelligence has always been weak. Others worked just as hard or harder then me, but, because their kind of intelligence didn’t line up with good grades, they didn’t get easy results.

    So I entirely get how you thought that you would get a good grades from effort and not intelligence. Yet, the drive to put forth such dedicated effort is a kind of intelligence in itself. You seem very intelligent to me in other ways too.


  2. You are quite right. There are many kinds of intelligence and not all are valued equally, especially in conventional school systems. And right again about the fact that the lack of hard work does not account for everyone’s grades. I taught many hundreds of students in several universities over the span of my academic career and I never assumed that low grades equated with lack of effort. In fact, I think such an accusation is cruel and inappropriate in the absence of information to support it. I would differ a bit with you regarding your application of the term “social intelligence” however. Conceptually, intelligence is usually defined as “the capacity to learn.” That capacity may or may not be commensurate with our actual practice, which is usually measured in terms of “achievement. ” So, you may be very intelligent socially speaking even if you do not function in social settings in ways that give you or others that impression. I am perhaps overstepping my knowledge of you in particular, but I doubt that your social intelligence is weak. It appears to me that you are very capable of learning a lot about human behavior and about how people interact with one another, even if for some reason you may be uncomfortable interacting in various social settings. There are many reasons for your not being at ease or self-confident in social settings that have nothing to do with your actual intelligence, social or otherwise. …Thanks for checking in with me.

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  3. Yes, there Is a Spirit Realm and I do receive loving help and guidance from it. Thank you.
    Thank you for forgiving me for all the times that I didn’t notice, acknowledge, and say Thank you.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ❤

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  4. Jerry, I have enjoyed reading your blog and the one you posted Nov. 5th. I am very confused about a spiritual self. I can remember as a child thinking something was out there, somewhere. I feel a sense of presents as I who swing on the swing at Brownstown Jr. High. I remember now as I reply the comfort and joy I feel that something or someone was out there watching me! I to pray for things, but since Tara is gone I can not find peace in pray any more. I feel empty and alone. I question death, hell, God! I do not believe in hell and that God cause bad thing to happy to good people for some greater good! You sound a lot like me! I to took notes in class like crazy and worked hard to get good grades when in fact I thought 3/4th of the stuff I had to learn was useless. I am so glad that Rosalie meet you. I can see that you are both very compatible and I hope to see you both soon.

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  5. Hi, Carol. I appreciate your having shared these thoughts with me. You are doing exactly as I had suggested to everyone: Do not depend exclusively on what someone else tells you to believe; while it is useful to listen to others, base your spiritual beliefs on your own experience; be observant of the events in your own life; strive to bring your beliefs into accord with your own experience. In recalling how much comfort and joy you felt on the swing in Brownstown, and how you realized that there is someone out there watching you, you are using your own experience to help you recognize that there is a Benevolent Spirit who loves you. There are many very elaborate, complicated spiritual belief systems out there, but I think all the complications are unnecessary. Just knowing that you are “being watched” by a loving spirit who gives you support is sufficient.


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