Freedom To Choose: More Than a Political Ideal, A Spiritual Necessity

choices in the stream of experience

The stream of experience contains many hooks but also many morsels stuffed only with joy and happiness. It behooves us to know the difference.

Greetings, my friends.  In my most recent post, ” Lasting Peace Cannot Be Technologically Imposed,” I cautioned against our accepting any  abridgement of our freedom of choice, even if it were to come with a promise of something as desirable as world peace or free energy.  I drew upon an example of such an exchange in the case of the Lumanians, who had accepted alteration of their biological capacity to engage in aggressive behavior in exchange for what they hoped would be a civilization without violence.  What had seemed to some like a good means in the service of a good end turned out to have short-circuited the process through which humans learn by experiencing the consequences of their choices and those of others, a process which is at the heart of genuine, empowered spiritual growth.

My immediate inspiration for that discussion was my observation that the Keshe Foundation appears to be offering a technology for the production of free energy, but coupled with an agenda which includes the use of other technological means to eliminate the capacity to behave other than in ways consistent with that Foundation’s concept of “peaceful coexistence.” I urge readers to consult Rosalie’s October 24 posting which includes the text of the Keshe Foundation’s Peace Roadmap in order to more fully appreciate exactly what its concept of peaceful coexistence includes besides the free energy that seems to have attracted so much attention that the rest of it’s agenda has been largely  ignored.  Perhaps our busy commentators and technophiles missed the brief sentence in the Roadmap clearly stating that “acts like eating animals” do not comport with Keshe’s view of “peaceful coexistence.”  Although I myself have freely chosen not to eat any animals except fish (close, but not quite a vegetarian), I do not favor any biological alteration of anyone’s capacity to digest meat even if that would help ensure the peaceful coexistence Keshe promises he will provide.   Would Keshe favor such a biological alteration?  I do not know, but his willingness to take “step by step  the essence of killing and destruction out of the RNA and DNA of the Man” does raise the question.

I am, of course, concerned lest many be distracted, not just by Keshe’s offers, but by any who skillfully divert our attention from potentially harmful outcomes by focusing it instead on others that are highly appealing–world peace, unlimited energy, power and riches.  When it is skillfully presented, we see the bait quite clearly, but not the hook within.

Neither should we fail to appreciate the great value of our freedom of choice, for it is not only a political ideal, but a spiritual necessity.  The stream of experience contains many hooks but also many morsels stuffed only with  joy and happiness.  It behooves us to know the difference.  In such a stream, those who have observed the hooks, and not just the morsels  around them, are best equipped to make wise choices.  In a Utube video, “You Chose To Be as Human on Earth,” Bashar more eloquently explains why our spiritual growth has required exposure to both the light and the dark:

The more aware you become of the light AND the dark choice, the more you can choose OPENLY AND CLEARLY what you prefer. It’s not about excluding, it’s about including. It’s about knowing that you have choice STILL to go into the dark IF YOU WANT TO.  BUT NOW IT’S KNOWING YOU DON’T HAVE TO. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see the dark choice. It means you will become MORE aware of the dark choice. But now it means you become aware of the dark choice JUST AS a choice, not as a given…not because you are afraid, just because you know it’s not your preference. But in order to know it’s not your preference, you have to be aware that it’s a choice you could still make.If you couldn’t make that choice, if you were not aware that you had the choice to go into the dark you would not be a fully empowered being to make a choice to go into the light. [emphasis mine] ….

We are not truly making a CHOICE between light and dark unless we are empowered to choose either light or dark.  Otherwise, it is not chosen, it is imposed.  As  spirits whose origin is Source, we are not engaged in a process of learning through such imposition.  Bashar is reminding his listeners of this because some have expected that their spiritual advance on Earth should have absolved them by now from having to deal with the dark, or with those with less integrity and lower vibration.

Many people will make the assumption that, just because they are changing themselves, they will suddenly no longer have to interact with anyone who is not of their frequency. NO ! You are still on the Earth. It’s still going to be a mix of things for a little while longer, but that’s OK. It still gives you an opportunity to see, in ABSOLUTE examples, what you do and don’t prefer….So use that as an opportunity; don’t think that it’s something wrong : “Well, I’ve changed myself and I am a more spiritual person so why am I still getting people in my life that are not acting in a spiritual way?” ….The idea, remember first of all, is that you are on EARTH. That’s what Earth is all about, polarity. Right now, it is still all about different examples of different ways of doing things, dark and light. …and remember, the idea of integration is that you have something to integrate. If it’s all just light, there’s nothing to integrate.

Although he suggests that the continued “mix of things”, i.e., the presence of both the dark and the light, is helping us acquire an even deeper understanding of the nature of our choices, Bashar also suggests that, in the course of our further spiritual evolution, the usefulness of this mix will diminish.  Perhaps we will have had so much experience with both extremes, having lived lives of extreme darkness and of extreme light, that we will have been prepared to exercise our free will wisely, fully empowered to choose either light or dark but without the necessity of the extreme polarities which have been the  hallmark of the Earth School—at which point it will be , in a most profound way,  a New Earth.



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