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Dolores Cannon on Reincarnation

Here is a reblog from Julia Cannon on Dolores Cannon’s Blog:

What is reincarnation? For thousands of years, before the Dark Ages, in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and India, as well as cultures all around the world, reincarnation was a foundation of religion and spirituality. Now in the 21st Century, billions of people in the East and West believe in reincarnation and life after death.

Dolores 3Reincarnation drives human evolution. When a spirit or soul achieves human consciousness, it can never devolve to inhabit the body of a lower life form. These souls must incarnate as humans until they eventually learn the lessons of life required to become enlightened. No one may skip a grade or graduate until his or her life courses are complete. As Dolores Cannon often reminded us, “We can’t go from kindergarten to college without learning everything in between.”

What concept other than reincarnation could explain why you have an irresistible attraction or extreme dislike of a person you just met, or the feeling of Déjà Vu when visiting a place for the first time that felt like home? The catch is we cannot remember who we were in past lives; our memories are wiped when the body dies and the soul reincarnates. Can you imagine what your present life would be like if your mind was constantly flooded with experiences and thoughts from countless previous existences? We wouldn’t be able to function living in that endless chaos.Dolores 4

Hypnosis and past life regression serve as a bridge between the past and present and give us an understanding of the big picture of continual existence whether in spirit or in flesh by understanding the truth behind reincarnation.Hypnosis has been in use for thousands of years, by shamans as well as philosophers. The word hypnosis…[read the complete article at: Dolores Cannon on Reincarnation | Dolores Cannon’s Blog]

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