The News Is Increasingly Promising ~ See Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly

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The white hats at the Pentagon and the agencies plus their allies in China, Russia and around the world are freeing our planet step by step.   ~ Benjamin Fulford

This being Thursday, I’m posting the entire piece by Benjamin Fulford.  It’s getting exciting to hear good news from so many sources about driving the Cabal out of power forever on this planet.  Check out the links on the left side of the blog for the latest.

ben fulford

Cabal resorting to extreme threats as their power structure crumbles

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  1. Be sure to send your protection energy to the world. It never hurts to do a little meditation where you are protecting the world from tsunami, or all other sources of attack. I did my last deep meditation protecting the world for the 4th of July. The News was pointing to possible attacks, as no attack came then, I can only guess it worked. So instead of worrying about the 5th of November, get your spiritual powers working. Be it in spells of protection, or prayers of protection. I see them as the same. Spend time to deeply focus on protection, and healing for all the Earth.

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