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First Wave of Ascension ~ Are Earth Catastrophes Likely Now?

catastropheI want to show you an example of always being skeptical (not a debunker), ready to allow yourself to either agree or disagree with any information, even willing to accept part of it and reject another part.  Any good teacher advises students not to believe anything just because they say it, but to decide for themselves whether a thing is true.

These updates I’m sharing lately, you can see, give evidence of the benificent changes expected at the end of this month, with First Wave of Ascension and “The Event”.  It is intuitively clear to me that it’s all good, with the downfall of the warmongering thieves AND no big catastrophes.  My fellow New Earth Blog author, Jerry DeGregory, feels the same.  Generally, I’ve agreed with Sheldan Nidle’s updates, but in the following paragraph from his 9/8 update (Source here), the Galactic Federation  speaks of huge Earth changes.


Your world is quickly transforming. The past decade is one in which Heaven and its many medical helpers came from afar to assist you to a new reality. While this transformation is happening, Gaia has been preparing as well a massive series of alterations to her surface realm. Originally, Gaia had three major continents above her oceans. Each was queen of one of her oceans. There was Mu in the Pacific, Atlantis in the Atlantic and Greater Sri Langka in the Indian. All three of these continents sank between the start of the last great Earth year and about 13 millennia ago. These great tragedies are a hidden memory. They are to be found in the legends and myths that dot your history. Each is a great thought that everyone on your world distantly remembers. Those who now study the world’s oceans note only that the remnants of these are rising. Many can therefore say that the re-emergence of these ancient lands is not far off. As we study your history and get accounts from the Agarthans, it seems that this set of events is a major part of what Gaia is presently planning.

In addition to intuitively rejecting catastrophes, rationally I can’t see it.  Those earlier civilizations were wiped out because they did not sufficiently progress spiritually, to create the New Earth.  Many prophecies told that we would experience a similar wiping out of civilization around 2012, for a fresh start at another try, but we HAVE made it!  We are already in the early stages of New Earth, with many positive changes in store.

Since I had a phone appointment with shaman Dr. Gregory Antyuhin the other day, I took the opportunity to ask if he agrees with me.  He said that Mother Earth has become more etheric, more spiritual.  Similarly, many people, like myself, are putting most of our subconscious attention on higher realms and neglecting the physical world.  It can cause us to “get fat”, be a little depressed, and maybe a little unstable.  Nature, however, has become more stable, more calm, and Mother Earth is unlikely to create a huge catastrophe—not more than a hurricane or other “normal” occurence.


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  1. We are not in the timeline of the catastrophe anymore. Perhaps some people choose an ascension with the crumble of world order first. An ascension where everything needs to be built back up.

    Yet, you and I, are the ones who picked the way of peace. The painless ascension where joy follows on joy.

    A part of us is in both timelines, perhaps, supporting the rebuilding (or dying in the crumble), but this is the reality we are aware of. We are the ones who wanted everyone included, not just a select few. We want the world to come with us, so we reside in the timeline where it will.

    Let joy follow on joy, as we learn that we can learn just as well through play as through pain. Before we felt we needed to suffer to learn, yet then we remembered how children learn.


  2. Hi Rosalie,Thank you so much for your service!    Just want to point out that Gaia’s allowed to move whatever she feels is necessary to moveat this time.  I guess it depends on the words:  “massive series of alterations…”  It would seemthat the fire north of Napa is fairly massive.  There are many physical changes happening, andI know you’re aware of that.  Whether they’re considered “massive” or not probably dependson whether you’re directly involved.  The main thing is to have no fear, to trust in Gaia, our connection with her, and our connection with God/our higher selves.  I feel that you’re motivatedto help people not to fear these changes, and I just want to share that denying the 3d reality thatsome probably need for their awakening, feels like denying a part of the process… Sending you my love and encouragement.  Keep up the good work!Christine

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