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I’ve not posted since my latest coffee mishap put my computer out of commission.  Now I’m back up and blogging on a new one.  What a time to be down, with the currently increasing changes in both society and ourselves.

I’ve marked some articles to reblog, including Gaia Portal takes, some QHHT posts, and other topics to address.  Jerry DeGregory has a couple of posts to put out, too.  I’ll write about what it means to be “All One” and Jerry will write something about Love that he says will tie in with that post.

Welcome to our many new readers.  I hope you will find useful information here and in the links provided on the left side panel of the blog.

What follows is a brief overview of our current situation and some reiteration for new readers.

May you be blessed.



If you feel a bit unsettled, you may be sensing the current and coming changes—or like me, your life is in flux and you can’t tell for sure what is causing that antsy feeling.

The Transformation is almost over—is over, as far as Earth’s foundational energies—and none too soon.

We can all feel encouraged by giving up mainstream faux news, while loosely monitoring positive current events in real news sources.  The banking system is changing and the financial and political criminals are being arrested and charged.

Don’t worry about the negative; it’s on its way out. It probably is not really affecting the happy future you’ve been creating, so forget about it and let your multidimensional system vibrate with positive expectations.  By bringing in more Light with higher vibration, we help the whole Earth.

Many of us are sleeping a lot, as the energies quickly lead us and our bodies toward the First Wave of Ascension milestone and The Event that will make our New Earth situation evident to all.  [Search for those topics in the search panel at the top right of the page.]  Whether or not you notice a change near the end of September, you will know from your own body and intuition and what you observe in the people around you that we are continuously changing in good ways—letting our psycho-emotional issues go, loving more, having more compassion.  We have had to let some people and situations go, to be replaced with others having less drama and more positive vibes.

13 qualities spiritual ascension

Click on the pic to read the article.

Don’t worry about measuring up.  This First Wave will include those who simply have chosen to improve, to be more loving and spiritual. 

Some of you are discovering that you were incarnated here to support the great Transformation from 3D, its appearance of separation from Source and forgetting who we are, to the New Earth, where we will remember that we are great beings.  Some of you are old souls, having been on this planet for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, or more.  Some of you came into this incarnation in bewilderment, always thinking you don’t belong and wondering why you are here.  You may look up at the stars and feel like home is out there, somewhere, because you are one of Dolores Cannon’s “Three Waves of Volunteers“, which waves have been confirmed by the Ra group of high beings and other credible channels.

Don’t worry, either, about getting a late start on your “mission”.  I only started my mission with this blog and Quantum Healing Hypnosis a year and a half ago.  Many people will need our Light for years to come.


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  1. Welcome to your “house”, Rosalie!!!
    It is a pleasure to hear from you, after these days of.
    I too have been called to disconnect these days. I disconnected the cell phone. I slept a lot, I have eaten rich and healthy things, I’ve heard good music and seen wonderful films. In short I spoiled and pampered too much to me. I have the feeling of preparing for an autumn interesting action
    I look forward to reading your new articles, and Jerry, of course.
    With Love


  2. Thank you, Cristina!
    I’m glad to know you’re loving yourself so well.
    I’ve done more computer work this week, setting up two PCs with Windows 10, putting files on a cloud, etc. It turned out to be kind of maddening. 🙂

    I found that I’ve lost capacity to push myself and neglect my body. Listening to Matt Kahn on Spiritual Success, he says to Relax is the way, so it’s all good.

    Now I, too, feel ready to get going, anticipating this fall and seeing how we progress!



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