The New Earth Rule Book

rule-bookMust we meditate?  Is it bad to be rich?  Should I tithe?  Can we eat meat?  Is it okay to stay in my religion?  I work for a bank.  Banks are bad.  Should I quit?  I’m working on rockets.  Am I doing wrong?  Is it good or bad to work on the pineal gland?

Stop shoulding all over yourself!

New Earth Is about Freedom

LifeIsDelightfulThe global controllers are on their way out.  We can get used to Freedom extending from the global, financial, social levels, to big personal decisions, down to every decision we make, every minute of every day.  Complete Freedom, because Hue-Mans are ready for it.

As for careers like science, engineering, journalism, banking and medicine, you may want to expand your mind on possibilities of new systems, new ways to do things.  You might study the ideas of others or get involved in discussions or research.  It may be a good idea to hold tight to your position while New Earth society goes through a few big shakeups, knowing it will settle into a fascinating era of innovation.  Being awake, you will see the right time to make the right changes.

Your spiritual practices, if you have any, may change.  You may begin some. 

Physics has changed; therefore, magic, healing and other energy practices are changing.

Flexibility in attitudes, opinions, and ways is called for now.

Though we are imperfect, we have the ability to listen to our inner knowing, finding it in our individual ways, and to make our own life choices.  We are loving enough to make choices based on the Law of One, loving ourselves and other BEings of all kinds.  This code of conduct works for us and we need no other.

Soul Memories and Making Rules

RulesIn life regression hypnosis, we work with soul memories from other lives or this one.  Most of us have a history of lives in these animal bodies of Earth.  We have our Biological Spirit, the Innate, that communicates with the Soul to give us its memories of our past. We tend to take on attitudes and rules, based on the soul memories, desiring to do what has worked and perhaps thinking it’s the only way, or believing that what did not work is the wrong way—for us and everybody else.

For example, a person who was a meat eating warrior, protector of his tribe in many past lives feels better when they eat meat now.  They may have impetus to look out for their family and neighborhood.  A person who was a yogi in a past life becomes a vegetarian, and feels better for it.  They may love to meditate.  I remember a vegetarian friend was told by my teacher, “You are vegetarian, but your little boy is not.”  I now understand the wisdom behind that.  Eating meat makes one person healthier, but another person weaker, even in the same family.  We still have dense physical bodies, differing in DNA and in soul memories that influence our DNA.

Pure DelightLet Up on Yourself and Others

We can’t choose the path for another, whether it is diet, lifestyle, spiritual practice, work or any other thing.  We also can’t wake anyone else up, until something stirs inside them.  People will choose a modality for help or choose a practice for themselves, in their own way, when they are ready.

I’ve heard all about opening the pineal gland.  I’ve even heard it’s bad.  Although I think it’s a good thing for some people at some point, I just don’t feel like it.  It doesn’t attract me, so who cares?  It’s not on my path, right now.

Delight in Life

Take delight in all that you do.  If you have a doughnut, enjoy the hell out of it and don’t tell yourself you shouldn’t.  Know that nothing that you love can hurt you.  Allow yourself to feel happy and satisfied with that doughnut.  Want to eat meat?  Eat it.  Don’t want to do the dishes?  Then, don’t, and feel good about it.

Feeling grumpy, sad, or angry?  Enjoy it.  Get into it.  Look at how good you are at feeling shitty and having a bad day.  I do this, and it makes me laugh and be happy, in spite of myself.  We didn’t come here to be down on ourselves for having the feelings we have.

We can’t do everything at once, though, so decide what to do now.  You can’t make a mistake, because you are here to experience.  You have one experience or another.  It makes no difference to you as your Highest Self.  It makes no difference to YOU, if you take each thing that happens as a lesson in what you don’t want so you know what you do want.  Choose what to do NOW and be willing to change your mind when it doesn’t feel right.delightful surrender

Follow Your Highest Delight 

When you follow your highest delight in each moment, you raise your energetic frequency.  It puts you in the Vortex of Creation.  You are taking steps to adjust your universe, your path in the multiverse.  Your body wisdom will surface.  The people and events in your life begin to match your high vibration.  You find you’ve created a delightful life.


Alan Watts ~ Choice


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