GaiaPortal’s Message Means New Earthlings Are on Track!

News from Gaia Portal gets better and better!  I think it is important to get this message to you right away, so that you won’t misinterpret the news today and the rest of this week, and fall into fear.  I hope you can share with others the Good News of what is really happening beneath the surface news.  It’s the push of all into a very happy New Earth paradise.

My comments are in orange.

Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity

17 Mar

gaia_energy1Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity.

The timing of our Transformation is back on track inside Earth’s Hue-manity, according to the Divine project of Earth, planned so very long ago.

Stasis is ended.

Stasis is lack of movement.  Shift’s hitting the fan!  People can’t fail to notice.

Rapidity of hu-being upgrades is noted.

The sleepers are awakening rapidly and are going through the changes the rest of us have had to go through, albeit, likely more rapidly and easily. 

Serenities of Higher Light are sensed by all.

If any one feels fear or unsettled, they can get quiet and feel that tranquility.  Even the Cabal and Illuminati people can do so.  And BTW, it’s time to start feeling ready to forgive them all.  I have.  You can, too.  They played the necessary part.  Even Lucifer is totally of the Light again.

Gaia responds with silence.

I guess that means that Pachamama is happily experiencing the new state of serenity.

Comments welcome, as always! 

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  1. Stasis is lack of movement. But also is It was known in classical antiquity to civil wars or similar situations in the ancient Greek city-states (polis).
    whatever the direction we’re in luck!!!
    Love and Blesses to you

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  2. Competition IS cooperation. Look it up. See word origin. Competition literally means “aim together.” Ah, such is the corruption of our language.

    But what to do with someone who won’t compete / cooperate? Just let ’em go. They have every right to do as they please… as do you. There are as many creations as there are people.

    There are indeed though some very significant and awesome creations happening now because critical masses of individuals have decided to co-create something other than what they have seen “out there” for years. Very good.

    But some will continue to re-create what they have seen – keep doing what they’ve done and keep getting what they’ve got. And that’s cool too… until it’s not… for them. Fed up closely precedes great change.

    Peace out.

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