Changes Astir on Earth ~ Keep Vibrations High ~ Desires Easily Manifest

Now is an “auspicious time”, with important energetic influences happening, stepping up on March 20th, with the solar eclipse and continuing through September.  It is a time when we will easily manifest our desires.  Therefore, it is important, in choosing your goals and knowing your desires, to stay very positive, while many big changes begin to take place.

Follow the “Law of Attraction”, go for your highest delight, to vibrate with the frequencies of the kind of life you want, the kind of New Earth you choose for all of Hue-Manity.  As all systems break down, what do you want in their place?  Imagine you can leave behind everything you don’t want and have everything you do want.  See it, think of it, sit quietly and image it, using all senses, details.

Choice is the way we do it in New Earth.  No more slavery!

Feeling connected and loving others, all beings of Earth and the Galaxy, is the New Earth way!

All ConnectedI am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

Recall that there was a “window of opportunity” for The Event, and that now and the next few weeks were said to have been a likely time.  We shall see.  We can see movement in that direction, now.

According to the non-mainstream news and the more spiritual sources of information, the power of the global Cabal has been very much weakened.  That allows more unfolding of plans by the Light Forces, to replace failing systems.  A new international banking system will soon be in place.  The fake US corporate conglomerate, which is NOT our United States of America, and as you must realize by now is NOT following our brilliant Constitution that was to have allowed us to follow the Law of One, is being taken down from within and by non-cooperation of other countries, financial and corporate entities.  The people of the world will no longer cooperate, and even Americans are waking up, not so much believing their lies and not standing behind their wars.

The long awaited global currency reset (GCR or RV) is said to be planned for this Tuesday (tomorrow).  I’m not sure what the short term ramifications will be for Americans, though it will be positive for the future of all on Earth.  Therefore, have no fear.  I will post more expectations as I see them, so stay calm.  There are now enough loving members of mankind that we can all work together.  Remember, Go Local!

And most importantly, know that New Earth is about Love, Freedom, and Abundance, not about money, and not about nationalities.

Be prepared to, more even than you have up to now, let your current reality go.  Be open to BETTER reality and circumstances.  That means that if, for example, you hear that your retirement fund has shrunk (and I don’t know that that is expected), let it go, trusting in Source and New Earth abundance for us ALL!

I know that some worriers are expressing fears.  I follow their logic.  If I were not spiritual, didn’t have such a solid perspective of this New Earth, and didn’t feel it in my intuitive knowing and spiritual will, I’d be with them in their fear.  Please stand with me and all Lightworkers and Wayshowers, in refusing the fear mode.

Remember, your desires will be manifested.  This period of manifestation is even in the horoscopes.


I saw a report that the “Tribulation” is to begin on the 22nd of March.  I don’t read fear mongering.  It doesn’t even enter my mind that New Earth will not survive.  You will see in this post that we will not be allowed to simply falter.  However, it’s very important to stay as positive as we can now, for though the power of the global Cabal and their dark forces is coming to an end, energetic structures of the dark forces are still at play.

Remember that when you keep your own energy positive and harmonious, it has a great positive affect on others, especially as your vibrations rise to higher frequencies.  We each contribute to our Collective Consciousness and, since dark energy cannot be harmonious, your lighter, more harmonious energy outweighs the negativity of others.

Harmonious energy flows free, without blockages or conflicts.  Higher frequencies mean more Light, Love and Life.  In other words, harmonious higher frequencies bring such qualities as kindness, understanding, compassion, wisdom, tolerance, cheerfulness, peacefulness, confidence, self responsibility, forgiveness or feeling there is nothing to forgive, feeling of one with all, closeness to Source/God, and more.  You may already have observed an increase of those qualities in yourself.  As you practice observing yourself nonjudgmentally, when or if you observe and feel pettiness, fears, resentment, blaming, low self esteem and other undesirable qualities, as long as you don’t analyze or scheme to get rid of them, they will dissipate effortlessly.  Practice being the Watcher.

Amanda Clark painting etsy

Mother Earth ~ by Amanda Clark

Do whatever meditations and other practices you enjoy.  Step away from negativity and shake it off by spending time in nature.  Stay in tune with Pachamama, Mother Earth, the being whose body is Earth.  Go barefoot, roll in the grass or the sand, walk or jump into the ocean, lake, river or stream, brush against bushes, or walk under trees.

This is neither indigenous “backwardness”, nor “New Age fluff”!  It is ENERGY and SPIRIT.  It is also important to feel connection with Mother Earth, as she has made much more progress to New Earth frequencies than humanity has.  We need to resonate with her, in order to remain on her!  So feel, even talk to her.


 Something especially important has been happening with the manipulated energies of Earth.

You may have felt a little schizoid lately, with both Light and dark energies in strong force.  Anna Merkaba was given a message for the “Ground Crew” of Lightworkers and Light Forces about what has happened and continues, energetically.  If you prefer to read or listen to Anna’s video of this story, go to the Source.  I try to keep it a little less esoteric here.

MANY pyramids have been recently discovered, world wide, on every continent, at the North Pole, and under the Caribbean Sea, some far bigger than the largest of Giza, Egypt.   Pyramids are natural energy generators, or amplifiers.  Going up through the bottom of a pyramid, the power of energy increases one thousand fold.  The network of pyramids emitting energies was designed LONG ago, to keep Earth energies in balance.  And now, Pyramids Of The World Have Started To Come Alive Galactic Photon Belt Enters Our Solar System.

Light Forces Have Interfered with Dark Technologies

So, then, we shouldn’t be surprised that dark technologies were used to implant “traps” in the pyramidal energy flows on the planet, and have affected humanity.

starmapThe human response to negative energies has not been up to par with what our galactic helpers expected and hoped for us.  Their assessment was that many had turned more to the Matrix and self preoccupation.

They decided that further intervention was called for, so a blast of energy was directed to Earth pyramids by our very human looking friends from Altair.  [Click on the star image to get a larger picture, then click again.  Altair is at the lowest pinkish dot.]

That energy loosed the “traps” in the pyramids, releasing dark energies.  At the same time, we were sent waves of peace and love.  We began  feeling both the Light and the dark energies.  That is why you may have felt off kilter.

This does not mean that all such technologies have been disabled, but the major ones that were pushing human beings into making mistakes in their co-creation that may have resulted in disintegration of this planet completely, were interfered with. ~Anna Merkaba

Anna also was told that a new crop of children are being sent to Earth, to be born and raised by Lightworkers.  You know already about the “New Kids” and the even newer ones who came starting last fall, radiating so much Love.  This wave of kids and some of Anna’s comments tie nicely into a post I’ve already started about who we are, I AM and Christ Consciousness.

No video today, dear email readers.  No forgotten link this time. Ha!

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