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Do It Your WayDo It Your Way

It’s been hard to get some of my posts out.  I don’t drive myself like I used to.  In fact, my guides once said I had equestrian energy.  I was literally like the horse in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the one who worked himself to death.  I’m learning not to do that.

Dancer LegsSometimes now, I grow tired or distracted and I rest my body and mind.  I may stop writing to do something else that I don’t have to do, but whatever is my highest delight at the moment.  Sometimes my highest delight is to work all night at something, because I’m enjoying it.

I’ve always tried not to let anybody down.  Now I have a level of detachment.  Not that I don’t care about people, but I have my life and they have their own.  We don’t need or depend on each other.  I never could understand people who showed up late, didn’t show up, or didn’t return calls.  To me, every word was a promise.  I’m more relaxed now.

I’m loving myself more.

I’m learning what my way is.  I have to live like this now and trust it.  Healthy habits will be formed.  The right changes will be made, as I know myself better.  I know that everything will fall in line.

Our most important accomplishment in 2015 is to love ourselves.

You may have been taught by religious or spiritual teachers, to see the evil or bad in yourself and rip it out, even to hate it.  Such self-disdain is not helpful in loving nor even improving  yourself.

I keep talking about observing yourself nonjudgmentally, being the Watcher.  The beauty of that, if you really can simply observe, and not analyze, nor later meditate or journal about it, is that, since it is your Higher Self who is the Watcher, you are bringing that Self into your life.  That Self is Hue-man.  The more we exist as the Higher Self, the more Hue-man we are.  That is our goal.

Within the spirit of my being lies an ally who guides and assist me in surrendering to my authentic and genuine self. This self I openly share with you. My heart is filled and open as are my arms . . . Open to share an embrace with loving kindness. ~ Brave Eagle Soaring

Within the spirit of my being lies an ally who guides and assists me in surrendering to my authentic and genuine self. This self I openly share with you. My heart is filled and open as are my arms . . . Open to share an embrace with loving kindness. ~ Brave Eagle Soaring

Your Higher Self (the Real YOU) Only Loves

It does not condemn.  As Self, you can’t criticize yourself.  If you do, then you are observing judgmentally; you are only being neurotic.  When you are able to be the Watcher, you will quickly observe Yourself loving yourself, that is, your Higher Self loving your human personality, regular self.  Then you will witness yourself loving other people and all life more.

The Self Criticism Habit

DespairIf you notice any bit of self criticizing, chastising or blaming, you’ll know that it is only a “regular self” issue.  As your vibrations rose in response to Transformational energies, those Inorganic Being¹ critters, the thoughts on repeat in your head, began to clear out.  Last December energies came in and were directed to completely clear those forms out from the planet.  Still, we may notice an occasional negative or self defacing thought going by.  It’s probably a habit.

Develop a compassionate view of yourself.  Look down at yourself with the love of you, the Watcher.  Feel love in your heart.  Let it rest there, and then feel it radiate out to all.  The self condemnation will stop.

Always Follow Your Passion

Dance Your PassionAs Joseph Campbell promoted, “Follow your bliss.”  I can’t even say, “Why wouldn’t you?” because I stayed in a career I no longer liked for a long time, for many reasons.  I’m just getting my new life started and have had a couple of stumbles.  In spite of no one else yet seeing the complete fruition, I see it.  I imagine it.  I know it’s already created—by me, for me.  I am beginning to feel fulfilled.

When you follow your highest delight, you can’t but live as your true self.  You are a unique essence as a part of God, the Source.  Living anything less than your passion dulls the shining of your Light.  The main reason we exist is so the Source can experience.  Delight in it.  Always follow your highest delight.  And if you don’t, delight in the lesson and strength you gained by not doing it.

Be True to Yourself

I Can'tThis is part of following your highest delight.  Stop being a pleaser.  Move from anything you’ve created in your life that you don’t like.

Is it fun to acquiesce to something you don’t agree with or don’t want to do?  Is it a delight to let people mistreat or disrespect you in any way?  No.  So don’t agree to it.  That doesn’t mean fighting against it, but moving away from it.  Saying no may take care of it.  Cut the situation, job or person from your life, if you need to.  If it’s a relative that you don’t want to break ties to, be true to yourself by being honest with yourself and the other, in knowing that you are not responsible for any grown person’s life.

How can you love others if you can’t love yourself?

Is that true?  Why?

Because your ego gets in the way, always making sure it isn’t slighted, is approved of, etc.  It’s too much into itself to focus on and accept the other.  Or it causes you to get in a situation to please others, which leads to resentment.  As you observe yourself, you’ll see the ways your ego prevents you from loving.  Still, there is no reason to analyze, which is an ego hobby.  The realizations will simply occur to you.

Letting the Past Go

ExpressYou may have already let go of most, if not all, of your memories of past slights, people who hurt you, anger, fearful events, or any kind of pain you suffered.  It’s only thoughts that hold you there, and we’ve already seen how we’ve been freed from those broken records.  So break the habit of clinging to unpleasant memories and emotions that make you feel unhappy.  Let them go.  If you start to remember, stop it and high five yourself, “Look at that I stopped that feeling and switched to delight.  HA ha-ha-ha-ha haaaa!”  Then do your happy dance.


A great way to love yourself is to eliminate fear.  This is big enough for a whole topic by itself.  The one thing I’ll say now is that when you know who you really are, you will not fear.  What if you die?  Well, you never die.  Death is when YOU leave you body and it no longer lives.  Do you fear judgment by others?  You are a great Creator, a fractal of the Source, the One.  Who are you to care?  You are equal in spirit to anybody else.  If you get knocked on your butt, socially, you’ll get a good lesson of one sort of another, if you always look for the lesson in circumstances, and you will create even better circumstances than you had before.

 Loving Yourself Changes Your Life

Therefore, it changes your future

and your past.²

Beautiful Dance

“Love Is Waiting for You to Discover It”

“Find love everywhere and beam it back to Source.”

~ Pleiadian Renegades

Teal Scott agrees that loving yourself is a shortcut to enlightenment.

Video Link


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