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Here is the latest messages from Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire and posted on GaiaPortal.  My comments are in orange.  You’re welcome to comment, below.

“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated

19 Feb

gaia_energy1“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated.

This could either be about how we’ve been looking at the world and the systems we are consciously involved with, or it could also be how the Cabal believes those systems that they’ve put into place in order to control us are stabilizing their control.  Either viewpoint would include those systems that they control:  mainstream media, banking, stock markets, retirement funds, other financial tools, education, war vs. peace, governments and politics, health care (not insurance), insurances of all kinds, etc. 

Our belief in those systems is gone.  People may still cling, but they no longer trust.  None of those are stable.  We know it.  The Cabal knows it.

“Standards” of Cosmic Connections are completely removed.

What is a Cosmic Connection?  Divine Connections, Connections to Extraterrestrial Beings here, or to those anywhere in the Universe. 

Regarding Divine Connections, the Veil between us and higher realms is fading.  It is easier to contact Archangels, Ra, Elohim, the Councils of governance (That’s how it is done outside of Earth), etc.  Our Higher Selves are with us, walking with us through our days.  We are becoming Christ like.  We don’t need priests or religions, and many of us know it.

Regarding Extraterrestrial connections, Earth had been quarantined due to its darkness.  The quarantine has been lifted!  Of course, caution is still called for in approaching us. 

Consciously, we have expanded and can more readily communicate with beings of other realms, other planets, and starships.

Alliterations present to those of understanding Eye-Heart portals.

Alliterations are uses of words that all begin with the same letter.  All of the following sentences begin with the letter F and are Eye-Heart portals.  Eye (knowing with senses and mind) and Heart (feeling and knowing through Love).

Fabrications of disinformation have been unraveled.

As predicted, 2014 was the Year of Revealing things hidden.  “Victims” of false flag events like Sandy Hook, Boston bombing have been exposed as actors, as those with Intuitive Discernment knew immediately.  Lies in the media and in government, lies about Big Pharma drugs and vaccinations, etc., were exposed, one after another.  Hu-beings can only still believe in the disinformation through willing ignorance, due to the discomfort of knowing.

Falterings are soon to be eliminated from the Hue-person.

Hue-beings have been dealing with self doubt in many ways.  Some have not believed or have faltered in belief in their mission,  modalities, or abilities.  Many have been consciously working toward this Transformation for more than 25-40 years.  As the energies changed, their methods have not worked as well.  They need to trust in themselves and adjust their ways.  They can relax.  Listen to the body on what it wants to eat.  Stop all the rules to live by and just BE.

Formidables release from Mind, and coalesce as Heart forms.

Any fear or obstacle that seems formidable, we’ll let go of from our Mind, let the idea settle into our Heart, and let the expanded Heart Consciousness handle it with Love.  No more fear or worry, when we do that.  This becomes easier now.

Fleeings of hu-beings and Hue-Beings are recognized as unnecessary.

Hmmm.  Leaving the planet?  No one will be removed.  No need to think you need to get on a ship to avoid catastrophe here.  Dropping body?  We no longer are bound by the birth, death and reincarnation cycle.


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