New Earth

Old Souls and Volunteers

That Look in Her EyesearthangelsFor those of you who aren’t very familiar with this topic, I’m going to present three short videos to expand on the call to help Earth, the three waves of volunteers, and old souls.  This may help you understand yourself, why you feel different from other people, why they think you are strange or why they seem strange.  Maybe you fit right in but someone around you is “alien” to the rest of you.

Do you take on the feelings of the people in a room?  Do you react to the things that people are thinking, but haven’t voiced, making your actions seem inappropriate, strange, or uncalled for?  If negativity is directed at you, you may feel it, even subconsciously and when you react, it may look like you were negative for no reason.  This can make people misunderstand you.  When you practice being the Watcher, you’ll see if that is true and learn to distinguish between your own thoughts and feelings and those of others.  You can learn to feel centered, to prevent that.

Have you not learned the need for money?  Are you unable to mindlessly conform?  Do you just know things?  Do you dislike being restricted, told what to do, talked down to?  Have trouble understanding meanness and negativity?  Is equality and Freedom extremely important to you?

Are you an alien or an old soul?  A volunteer for Earth?

Old Souls

This video must be read, but it’s very informative and beautiful.

Video Link 1

Volunteers from Elsewhere ~ Did You Hear the Call?

Video Link 2

Volunteer Souls and DNA Upgrades

Who are the three waves?  Are you a part of those waves?

You may even have different DNA than older people.  In fact, DNA change is a part of going 5D.

Dolores gives brief descriptions of the characteristics of each wave and gives approximate age ranges.  The First Wave includes people born in the 40s and 50s.  30% were born in the 50s, so a lot of us old folks are Indigos.  In fact, Dolores may have been one of the first wavers, as was Tesla.  Some early Indigos have children who are Indigo.  The waves overlap in time, as well.

The Second Wave are called Crystal Children.  The Third Wave kids are called the New Kids or Rainbow Kids.  Their upgraded DNA makes them a new species.  That includes “junk” DNA and etheric strand(s), beyond the two strands that scientists now know about.  They are the ones of tremendous intelligence or talent.  All of these volunteers are very loving, but struggles with our negative society may make it difficult for them to show it.

Lately even more upgraded children are coming in.  They struggle with negativity.  Sad movies or songs make them cry.  As yet, they are very young.  I haven’t read or seen much about them, since the newest started coming in only last October.  I heard them called Angel Children.

If you suspect that you, your child or someone in your life is a volunteer, after you listen to this, you will find many books and YouTube videos on the subject.  You’ll want to search for words like Indigo, Crystal Children, New Kids, Star Children, and Three Waves of Volunteers.  It’s especially important to know about this, as a parent, teacher, or health care practitioner or allopathic doctor.  Hopefully you can avoid or limit drugs for them—for any child.

Video Link 3

Children of the Stars

Children - DV

Firsr Wave Indigos

Three Waves of Volunteers - DC

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