Rosalie’s Update ~ Sheldan’s Update ~ Gaia’s Update, Too

This is Tuesday, but I keep thinking it’s Wednesday.  I’ve increasingly lost track of time over the past two weeks.  I flew back to Melbourne on Sunday, then couldn’t stay awake all afternoon.  I was proud, though, that I made all the phone calls on my list.  Slept until 11 yesterday and almost that long today.

Today I had cable TV installed, and hope to get a TV.  I don’t intend to watch it until The Event, real world or multidimensional/energetic/spiritual, happens.  I resumed work on the DNA and Quantum Healing article, but I think my usually overly rational mind wants to relax—like a rest after a lifetime of thinking too much.  I was reassured to see that I’m not the only blogger or Lightworker who is slowing down to adjust to energies.

Last night I ordered a sandwich and asked the delivery guy if he’d seen UFOs lately.  Of course, but not yet that evening.  I asked when’s the best time to see them.  He said around 2am.  So I tried to stay up and look, but couldn’t stay up.


planetary activation organizationWell, en lieu of a good piece by me, here’s Sheldan Nidle’s interesting update from  Highlights from the article:

  • Delivery of prosperity programs and switch to new financial system [Yes, we are ready for that. ~rp]
  • New governments of which we are to be true watchdogs.  [That will require getting up off the couch, peeps! ~rp]
  • Will release a number of suppressed technologies.
  • Return tax monies [Details?]
  • UFO/ET disclosure
  • Explanation by the Ascended Masters, of our true history of enslavement—about 15,000 years, 2000 in Atlantis and 13,000 by the Anunnaki.  How the Anunnaki convoluted the teachings of the great masters of the past 3000 years.
  • How we lost our full consciousness and were given a false creation myth.
  • We will eventually regain our full consciousness.  [This is about DNA, I believe. ~rp]  This is the Divine Goal!
  • All of this needs to be forgiven by you as you return to Heaven’s divine service.
  • “Heaven has decreed that your prolonged amnesia end and be transformed into knowledge and wisdom.”  To be physical Angels.
  • “When you return to full consciousness, we are all to form a galactic society. This blessed society is based on divine service and a full understanding of how Heaven forged these societies for us.”
  • “We are to come together and create a kind of heavenly “boot camp” where we all can again assimilate into a society, which was so suddenly taken from us. Then, we can better understand how to address each other in a new way. We have been given certain duties, which are to be gracefully explained. Our new star nation is as well to combine with non-corporal Beings and elementals to forge our new reality. Heaven expects much of our new arrangements. We are to be a showcase for this galaxy, and a place where many exciting proposals are to originate. Here, the galactic peace is to become permanent and a larger intergalactic union is to take shape!

Be the Creator GodsThis may all seem fantastic; I think most of us find it surreal.  How strange to at last be living in this New Earth Transformation!


Now it’s all good news from Gaia Portal and I expect it always will be, from now on.  Here’s yesterday’s:

Frenetic delusionals open themselves to unveiling

2 Feb

gaia_energy1Frenetic delusionals open themselves to unveiling.

Reference to those global Controllers who still thrash around in vain attempts to withstand the inevitable, which only serves to expose them.

Bodes of secrecy are dissolved.

Yes, exposure.

Harbingers of Light come quickly and innumerably.

So many signs of Light’s coming!

Stresses are moderated for hu-manity, Hue-manity, and Gaia body.

Oh, good.  They are helping us get through the stresses of all the frequency changes.

Florescing nutrients are infused to all of Gaia.

Assuming fluorescence is the word, Light nutrients.  Well, we have been going through the photon belt.

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