Quantum Healing

The Biology of Belief, Part 3 ~ Your DNA Work

Kryon - RecalibrationIn Part 2, I introduced the little Biological Spirit on the left shoulder, the part of your spirit that specializes in communicating with the physical body.  I told you how to see it and gave a suggestion to get you started working with it—assuring it that it has the perfect program for your body, and connecting its body with the physical body.  What we were doing is reprogramming the DNA of the body.

The Innate

Also in Part 2 was a Kryon video where he talked about the Innate, a “process” in our body that communicates with the Soul and with the DNA.  It functions in the body as a FIELD of DNA.  It is through this field that all the cell DNA communicate with each other.  It is this field, the Innate, that makes muscle testing, tapping and other brain bypassing methods work.

Innate is connected to the Higher Self.  The body is building a bridge to Innate through Intuition.  We will become our own medical intuitives and read our own Akash (our past life history).

Edgar Cayce ReincarnationThe energetic disturbances from past lives, called Karma, are stored in the DNA.  We must drop our Karma, by declaring

I am done with the energy of the past.  I drop the karma.  I move forward.

For many thousands of years, the Innate has held the program of aging, death, and reincarnation.  That program accentuates Karma.  It was designed to hasten spiritual development, to the point where we can awaken to our spirituality and know who we are.  It is now that time.  As we are in New Earth, it is time to interrupt that program, to once again live Biblically long lifetimes.  Innate doesn’t automatically know that when we know it.  We have to tell it to stop that program.

We need to speak with Innate and explain this.  Speak to it like you are speaking to a friend.  It will do what you tell it, as long as it helps your spiritual awakening.

Say to the Innate

We don’t have to die.

It will see the progress you’ve made and know that is true.

No More Death~

The Biological Spirit and the Innate

Do you see the similarities between the Innate and the little Biological Spirit?  I believe them to be the same.  The guidance for working with them is similar, with a little variance in emphasis.  Talking to them in a friendly way, reminding or instructing them of their connection with the body and DNA.  While Gregory tells it, “We will be together,” Kryon tells it, “We don’t have to die.”

I suggest to image and work with yours as either the little spirit or the Innate, or a combination.  I learned from Gregory to be creative in spiritual and energy work.  Do it in the way you feel most comfortable.


Part 4 will connect all this understanding to Quantum Healing



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