New Earth

Gaia Energies Update

I’ve added my comments in orange.  Feel free to add your own clarifying comments.

Grestian convolutions resolve

20 Jan

gaia_energy1Grestian convolutions resolve.

I couldn’t find a meaning of Grestian.  It is a name.  Does this relate to a particular person?

Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.

I take it to mean that we now see through the illusions of traditional social forces, and we are letting them go.  At any rate, I do find that to be true.

Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.

Hmmm.  Illuminaries = Illuminati energies?  Stellarisations  = spiritual energies? 

Illuminaries = suns?  Stellarisations = stars?

Fraternal orders stand down.

Maternal paradigms stand up.

The feminine is beginning to come to the forefront, bringing the masculine and feminine energies of Earth in balance. 



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