What Is Happening on Earth ~ Who Are We Becoming?

As I’m writing this, I decide to eat a Chinese fortune cookie, and I get

What you will discover will be yourself.

A lot is happening right now that is not on the mainstream radar.  Global Currency Reset (GCR) is coming closer.  Cabal members are losing their power that they’ve maintained through enslaving Americans and other countries, using unlimited taxation and false government to plunder not only America, but the rest of the world.  Two  main Cabal families, the Bushes and the Cohens, have split with each other.  BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South America) is gaining economic power and control.  I know that if you are interested in the details, you already have found your alternative news sources for those reports, so I will only post news that major events are expected or have happened.  I’m just skimming it, because what excites me is watching how Freedom on New Earth is taking form.

Before finishing this post, I saw and reblogged a summary of current events.  My daughter just called to say the post doesn’t make sense, she didn’t know what it was talking about, and besides, she didn’t like all those words being in red.  LOL.  Okay.  Well, I apologize that others of you may be saying the same.  Just know that what it means is that the Shift is hitting the fan.  What is coming for all on New Earth is

Fairness, Freedom, and Abundance

Today, I introduce to you Sheldan Nidle and his latest message.  I hesitated, while I got to know him a little better.  He is another one who has been much criticized for nothing specific; therefore nothing.  I also introduce the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy, because Sheldan, like so many advanced incarnate people who are assisting in this great Transformation, works with them.  And so can we all.  [Fearful of channeling, meditation, hypnosis, healing? Read this.]  In New Earth, we will come to know and understand the federation, the rulers of the solar system and more.

wesannac1_galacticfederationThe Galactic Federation is an organization of planets of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Earth has been quarantined and disallowed membership in the federation, due to our toxic environment.  Soon, however, we will join our galactic fellows in peace.

MastersThe Spiritual Hierarchy includes Ascended Masters who are now on an advanced spiritual level, having escaped or never were enmeshed in Earth karma.  Higher level entities are involved in the hierarchy, as well.  The angelic hierarchy is a part of it.

Sacred Archangel Pyramid endre-baloghPlease read up on, meditate and pray for understanding of our great spiritual help givers.  It stands to reason that we have such help and that they act in hierarchies.  It is beneficial to work with them, personally.

Here’s Sheldan’s report.  The “deliveries”, I take to mean monetary deposits of some sort.  Remember,

No matter what goes down, have no fear.  Be patient.  Keep your vibrations high and know that the old systems must collapse, to leave room for the new and better.  Whether anybody anywhere gets some sort of “delivery” doesn’t matter; with the controllers gone, abundance of all kinds will burgeon.  Most of all, it’s about our Consciousness Expansion!

planetary activation organizationSheldan Nidle Update – December 16, 2014

Dratzo! We come with more news for you. At present, the mechanism for giving you your blessings has been activated. Our liaisons report that the first aspects of this process are underway and no hitches have been encountered. Our Earth allies are confidently using a delivery system, which has been well tested over the years. It is our desire to have a number of important elements in place well before the arrival of Christmas. In this regard, we have contacted those who are in charge of these various projects and been told that a number of special circumstances are being employed to ensure the success of these various deliveries. We know as that these deliveries are under the jurisdiction of those who are completing the adjustments needed to forge a new and much fairer banking system. It is this new system, which is to handle the bulk of the deliveries that are to bring you your blessings. Thus, the first part of these deliveries is to prove conclusively that these many prosperity and humanitarian projects are indeed unstoppable. Our desire is to use these first deliveries to prove to all that the power of the dark is truly over.
   This ending of the Gregorian year of 2014 AD is to be known to you as a most welcomed watershed. Not only is prosperity to begin to spread among you, but as well, the makings of new governance are to be manifested. When Count Saint Germain and Thomas Jefferson wrote the initial drafts of the American Declaration of Independence, it was to sound a grand clarion call for liberty, sovereignty and prosperity for all. This glorious document was in the beginning so what gutted by the slavery question as it then existed in the Americas. The documents true calling has taken over two centuries to materialize. What is happening is to clarify for all the divine truths inherent in this document and permit this globe to final carry out its glorious mandate. The events of the coming time are to further elucidate on this matter. You are to see the final fulfilling of a quiet revolution, which has literally taken centuries to complete. Those who have so diligently dedicated themselves to this matter are finally to reap the true rewards, which they so wonderfully deserve.

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  1. My concern is the Africans do worshiping traditional gods and it’s not acceptable in many homes and environments . Because majority are exposed or opened to western Christianity than Traditional or ancestral worship . Yet campaigns are all over the land promising to ease them from hunger and poverty. So the population flock to seek for such comfort of solace. No body educate as you are saying we should expect outside help or spiritual entity’s or angels for a major change in our life on earth. How would this change affect Africa and why there is no teacher of this kind ever mentioned for Africans development and change. ? Every wisdom or knowledge is happening in USA and Europe far and beyond. . Why.

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  2. Fremkad, your point of African spirituality illustrates why I advocate helping the world by starting with your own community, rather than thinking big and running around the world either trampling people in ignorance or spending lots of money and accomplishing little. It could be your calling, though, in which case you must answer it.

    Yes, I am a little concerned about how we will proceed with spreading abundance of all kinds in early New Earth, once the Cabal is gone.

    You know that people cannot be thinking much about spirituality when they are starving or dying of disease or deadly drug testing (unknown to the patient), afraid their kids are going to be killed in drug wars, in jail or can’t find a job. The global Cabal is behind all that. Why they are so against the black race, I don’t know, but it’s undeniable. The good thing is that they will soon be gone.

    I’ve noticed and friended or subscribed to several brilliant young blacks who do know about this New Earth Transformation, and who are doing great work as healers, teachers, shamans, also some political / social commentators/philosophers who may not know about it. I don’t know if any of them have turned their attention to Africa, in doing their work. I wonder if a way might be to somehow align with the African shamans, teachers and community leaders who are working with the people, and ask for advice and how to help. Shamans and mystics all over the world, and of course, Africa, know about the world Transformation. I’ll bet you and they could get something going, including the journalism that would help.

    Also, ask in meditation for help and advice from our ET friends and high spirits.

    Those are my first thoughts. You’ve brought up a tough situation.

    Write to me or call, anytime.


  3. I am an African. We are aware of this transition to the new earth and will love to collaborate to bring the complete change the world is waiting.

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    • Another thought: You know I always suggest starting with helping our own communities, and radiating outward from there. In preparing funds distributions to Earthlings, the poorer communities where few people have personal bank accounts, project funding will be used. Try to find the avenue to work on or create those projects. When you find the right people, have ready your own assessment of needs and priorities for your people. Until then, and after then, keep working together.

      I have some information that may help. It may take a couple of days to find it on one of my hard disks. Please drop me a line and I’ll get it to you.


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