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Several Cities of Light Will Manifest in the Coming Days

City of Light 3

Breaking News!!! The Agarthan High Council of Light Came to Us Today

by Georgi Stankov Posted on

The Inner Earth Agartha Has Merged with the Surface Earth Today.

The Agarthans Have Arrived on The Surface Earth Now.

Today They Announced Officially Their Imminent Appearance in Front of Humanity to Carla and Myself.

Several Cities of Light will Manifest in the Coming Days on Selected Places of This Earth.

by Georgi Stankov, December 5, 2014


We’ve already seen (Something for Which to Be Especially Thankful) that unexplained Light shows are being seen around the world, over various places.  Recent energetic upticks and shifts have brought more Light into Earth’s energetic grid and into ourselves.  The energies feel almost like a drum beat, marching us forward, approaching hard-core New Earth.

City of Light 2The energetic clearing and build-up of November is continuing.  Various facets of Light are intermingling and combining, while levels of Light rise.  People had begun to talk, of late, about the visible appearance of Cities of Light around the world.  Now we have this announcement of it from the Agarthans.

Mother Earth is shifting her frequencies another notch up and we will shift with her, going from 4D/5D lives to 5D/6D lives.  Yes, still with multiple densities of life being experienced, as we now have people living third density 4D-like lives and others living fourth density 5D lives, only one step up in density.

My current feeling is that with these energetics and with the visible cities, individuals, societies, and governments will make many positive changes in the coming year.  How soon will it take to get to 5D/6D?  That is a long journey.


What are Cities of Light?  So the Agarthans are the ones making first open contact with us?  Who are they?  Why are they here?  I’m including videos to give you an introduction to the topics.

The first two are from 2012, but give a good overview of Earth’s Cities of Light.  For more information, see the Footnotes provided beneath the videos by Matt Muckleroy’s, a computer reading of Steve Beckow’s article The Coming of the Cities of Light.

Cities of Light Video 1

Cities of Light Video 2

Lists of Cities of Light

From another article by Steve Beckow, Listing of the Cities of Light:

Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin, Assisi, St. Petersberg, Provence…London.

Sedona, Port St. Lucie, Idaho, Montana, Michigan, and Vancouver.  …China and that’s the extent of my knowledge.

The videos below explain something of Agartha.  First, Admiral Byrd told the story of his adventure in Agartha.  Sadly, part 2 has had the sound muted, making it useless.  You can find Admiral Byrd’s book on Amazon.  Just click on the pic, below.

Admiral Byrd’s Diary – Video Link

Bashar explains the idea of a civilization inside of Earth.

Bashar Video Link


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  1. 这一切的发生都牵动人心深处真实的渴望,让每个人都自由吧!归回自性……
    Whichever can touch our soul or nature being shall always shine……


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