Give Up Hope

In the New Earth, we will learn to give up


You think that doesn’t sound so good?  What does hopefulness imply?  When do we feel hopeful?  Isn’t it when we feel we have no control over a situation—even if we feel lucky?  Sometimes it’s when we are on the verge of hopelessness.

No, we won’t be hopeless in New Earth.  We will be and already can be in control of our lives.  We don’t need to hope.  We can

Create a Magical LifeCHOOSE

We have more ability to control our thoughts and emotions.   We are beginning to make choices, rather than simply reacting to situations.  As we learn the Law of Attraction (I hope you are listening to my YouTube playlists) we learn not just to simply choose one of the obvious possibilities placed in front of us, but to learn what we desire and happily tune to the frequency of the desire having been meant.  How do we do that?

As the project wound down, I was laid off from the engineering job.  Since moving into a house, I had been considering whether I could quit and trust that I’d be okay financially, doing only what I love.  Meanwhile, there were unexpected problems with the house, so that it’s (still) not ready for my QHHT practice.

I was talking with someone else who is new at Law of Attraction.  He just had a big LOA success!  He decided on the type of work he wanted.  His first plan didn’t work out, so he decided on an interim job that would take him there.  The other day, he got a job like he’d planned, by simply being in the right place at the right time!  It’s only part-time and he has another plan to make up the slack.

It took my friend a couple of months to get this first success.  Considering timing and looking at my financial picture, I decided that at this time, I choose to pursue another job.  That will carry me while I use LOA to manifest my true desires.

Contending with the house was getting me out of the

Dancing in the VortexVortex of Creation

I turned on the Creating playlists one morning and that got me back in the Vortex.  An engineering friend called midday, mentioning that an international company has a local engineering unit here.  I looked them up and found a suitable job post.  I needed to find a headhunter who could submit me as a contractor (that’s how it works). 

Having taken no other action, I got calls from recruiters all afternoon.  By the end of the day, I’d been submitted to a different company.  The next day another friend texted me a recruiter contact.  “Coincidentally”, that guy was able to submit me to the client I’d wanted, after discovering that a suitable position had just opened.

See why I like the Vortex phrase and feeling?  All we want begins to whirl around us as soon as we make a decision, and will be realized if we don’t cancel it with negativity or a reorientation of desires.

We’re new at this.  It’s working, but not yet immediately.  The delay is because we are still in training, still learning this new approach to life.  It requires eliminating many negative thought themes.  Some of us have more to shed than others.  Downer thoughts and feelings may have become habits.  That’s what the Creating playlists are for—to retrain us, correct our thinking and our habits, and to keep us happily in the Vortex, feeling like we’ve already created what we desire.

Another thing I learned about using LOA is from the example of a QHHT friend.  She envisioned QHHT clients filling her living room, spilling out the front door, lining up to the street and down the sidewalk.  They came from all over, some carrying suitcases.  Her tremendous success teaches us to use

Tango ExaggeratesExaggeration


What are we really doing with Law of Attraction?

Changing Our Path in the Multiverse

Dialing Our Frequency to the Vibration of the New Path

Switching to a New Universe

Image your life on your current Multiverse Path, find your desired path, then see yourself step, skip or jump to that path.   Or image a door out of your current universe that opens to a bridge to the open door into your new universe.  Whatever you image, even in the abstract, is real.

This new level of control and freedom makes us greater Creators.

With our new thoughts and emotions, and our ability to stretch time and leap to new Multiverse Paths, we are taking Tango ControlControl 

Remember this, as we see old societal structures fail.  If we let the old ways go, we have the opportunity to create new and better ways.

Challenging Times

Earth and her people still have challenging times, as some naturally occurring Earth changes are apt to occur, while all our societal systems crumble.  All systems must fail, to make room for the new.  There are two points to remember about that.  One is that we can look ahead at what must fail, and proactively begin building new and better ways.  That will start with ourselves and our family, then our neighborhood.  Now’s our time to create a free world.

Power and ControlBeat down the global controllers

by ignoring them to the extent possible, while implementing new ideas.


your creative abilities.  You will do

You Never Thought PossibleThings You Never Thought Possible

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