More on the October Shifts ~ The Second Begins Today

Today ~ 23rd through 25th ~ Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE and NEW MOON in Scorpio

Oct 23 Eclipse from I’m going to talk more about energies for the remainder of this week, but not to get too technical for us who don’t go that far into planetary and other movements.  We mainly want a little understanding of what’s going on and why we feel as we do.  It helps to confirm that our life changes and body symptoms really are leading us to a blissful state of being.

You see how this year has been one wave of transformational energies after another, loosening up our fears, anger, grudges and emotional pain, helping us to let go of what doesn’t suit us.  At the same time, the planet, as a being and as a whole, has been raising in frequency, due to those energies.  As predicted, many actions of corporations pretending to be governments are being exposed, so we can reject that and create something new.  We don’t concentrate on what we don’t want unless it is our mission to assist in directly changing it.  We stop monitoring and complaining, instead concentrating on what we do want, which is cooperation, peace, goodness, fulfillment, life and love.

Full Blood Moon Eclipse on October 8th

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipsebegan a period of very noticeable changes.  At the time, I had been wrapped up in fighting the bug going around at work, with little sleep, and had not paid attention to upcoming energies, but they had their effect.  We were adjusting ourselves and Earth to be ready for the shift portal that is happening now, today through Saturday.  This explains my own sudden impatience to get out of the hotel and into a place where I have a healing room, and why I was given the perfect, affordable home for it.  I’m in position to do QHHT every evening.  And Dolores Cannon’s moving on to assist our QHHT work as an Ascended Master.  She is now in position and pushing us forward.

How have your own life and feelings shifted over the past two weeks?

Energy Transmutation to Higher Vibration

For some, the energetic changes involved dropping down to lower vibrations and now back up.  Even lightworkers did this.  That was to help sweep from Mother Earth a lot of the dense energies of wars, illness, destitution, etc.  In other words, they have eliminated negative timelines from the planet.  Lightworkers took on the energy to transmute it—give it a lighter frequency, tone, color.  This often exhausting work helps all on the planet.

Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE and NEW MOON in Scorpio

Viewing the Solar EclipseThis is a time of more peaceful, easy feelings—respite from the many shake-ups of the year.  They say that Scorpio alignment signals completion and initiation.  That’s ENCOURAGING.  I read it as we’ve reached a certain level of attainment in the Transformation.  Now we are being initiated into our new work in our increased level of light.  This can only be TERRIFIC!

No video today. We’ll watch the sky, instead, but don’t hurt your eyes!

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