Message from the Greys

It is time to present a little more on aliens, or properly, extraterrestrials, this planet being most of theirs, as well.  And many of us are them, we discover, as we begin to find out about our history on Earth.  If you are not open to that possibility, please begin to practice taking ideas with a grain of salt and the honey of possibilities.  This multiverse is certainly convoluted.

This is from February, 1997.  It was posted in FaceBook, where I made a comment.  Then I decided to blog it.

Love and Light has generously provided the transcript of the conversation in a comment, below.

[The Bashar organization has removed their video, so I have replaced it with a voice recording.  The conversation about the Greys begins at 25:25.]


I’m not sure the questioner understood our part in the agreed upon interactions between us and the Greys.  In the US, even in the “faux US” corporate conglomerate, we are responsible for the people we elect, and so for the agreements they make.  [Yes, are responsible for the controlled voting machines.]  President Eisenhower, liking it or not, refused a deal by others to end war and be given life enhancing technologies.  He chose the deal with the Greys, to continue wars and allow hybridization, in return for power, money and war technologies.

The Grey, without emotions, coolly was aware and stated that the agenda would not end until 2007, and it was our own agreement.  Also, it is us who need to re-evaluate agreements.  A major point made was that we do not understand Love energy in the way that we ask them to.  The questioner standing there in arrogance, fear and anger, never trying to understanding the Grey point of view, is the perfect example. It shows us by contrast something about the unconditional love, tolerance and trust that we will have after we have finished this Transformation.  Also Bashar points out that the fear we have, of extinction, had attracted their like vibration in the first place.  A lesson that we have to have the vibration that we want others and the world around us to have.  Law of Sympathetic Vibration / Law of Attraction.

During QHHT sessions, the Subconsciouses and the subjects’ current selves under hypnosis say that the ET are not aimed at harming us in the ongoing hybridization program; however not all ET groups follow galactic guidelines on allowed procedures. Many people who think they are being abducted and harmed, under hypnosis find that they were never harmed and that they themselves understand and have agreed to what are not really abductions. Maybe it HAS ended, though.

hang on

Bette Davis warned in the 1950 film classic “All About Eve”, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night”.

I guess most or all of those more primitive Greys are now gone.  Bashar clarifies that his civilization, which is the result of hybridization between us and the Greys, is from a parallel time track.  He has explained elsewhere that he is a future version of Darryl, the person (I almost said entity.  ha ha.) who allows Bashar to transmit through his body.  So Bashar is visiting and interacting in his own past.  We begin to understand more about the ever present Now and how focusing on pebble paths in the Multiverse creates our experiences of Time.

This topic brought up fears in some FaceBook responders.  Fear that we won’t change. that we will blow ourselves up.  Fears of scientists working on cloning.  Etc.  Don’t worry.  Those possibilities are not on our shared time track.  You know I want us all only to focus on the wonderful futures of ourselves, families and communities.  Appropriately, someone quoted Bashar:

 That information is no longer available from this terminal. ….

Still, making the necessary changes within ourselves and thus changing our societies and our collective conscience can be rough.  And learning about true history and true science is gonna be a ride!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy Transformation.



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  1. I have to apologize for getting the movie quote wrong. Even though I did some google research, I didn’t look for YouTube videos. The line was actually, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night.” Seatbelts were used for entertainment rides years before their use in cars. To tell the truth, as I read different versions of what man first invented it, I realized that seatbelts were likely invented by more than woman overtime, to hold the toddler down. Don’t you think?

    [I later corrected this. 😊 ]


  2. Video link is broken, might have been removed. Here is a Bashar transcript.

    *Greys Speak*

    Q: Good evening, how are you?

    B: Perfect. And you?

    Q: I’m fine.

    B: Oh, all right.

    Q: I’ve been looking forward to this communication.

    B: I have been looking backwards to it. (Audience laughter)

    Q: Great, so we can meet in the middle.

    B: Yes.

    Q: Okay. When you defined Essassani the last time…

    B: Our world.

    Q: …yes, your world. You are a combination of the Greys and human

    B: Yes, genetically speaking, we are a hybrid species in, what you call,
    your future time frame, as a result of the genetic co-combination of the
    humans on your planet and the extraterrestrial society you call the Greys,

    Q: Right. Are you in contact with the Greys in our present time-continuum
    at the moment?

    B: In your contemporary time-continuum, yes, they no longer exist in our
    time-continuum, they have all converted into hybrids.

    Q: In ours?

    B: In yours, yes.

    Q: Is there a way we can communicate with one of the Greys through you, by
    this process?

    B: Yes.

    Q: In the mass-consciousness?

    B: Yes. Do you want this now?

    Q: Yes, I do.

    B: One moment, we will see if this is allowed.

    Greys: Speak!

    Human: Greetings, we enjoy having you here.

    Greys: Enjoy?

    Human: Enjoy, you don’t understand an emotion, I suppose? We understand
    you have a lack of emotion, and that’s why you are inbreeding with our
    race. Is that correct?

    Greys: We are blending…

    Human: Blending

    Greys: … for our agenda of rectitude.

    Human: Is your agenda going to be complete within this next short time

    Greys: Your time span of a decade.

    Human: A decade.

    Greys: Complete.

    Human: If it was not extended, if it was stopped short within this next
    month would that effect your future race, your Essassani race?

    Greys: No stoppage is imminent. Therefore, no discussion is needed of
    this point.

    Human: We feel that we /do/ need to discuss this. This abduction scenario

    Greys: You may feel as you wish, no stoppage is imminent!

    Human: This abduction scenario needs to end.

    Greys: It will end when the agenda ends.

    Human: Are you in enslavement of a Draconian race, as of this moment?

    Greys: No, your information is erroneous.

    Human: You do this only for your self-preservation, is that correct?

    Greys: There are levels to our species, what you would call factions. Our
    faction is dying, our faction has need, our faction also recognizes that
    you are dying; our faction is attracted to your faction through death and
    resurrection of both species simultaneously, through the agreement of our
    simultaneously co-created agendas.

    Human: This is against free will of human nature.

    Greys: It is not. It is agreed, you have given your agreement on other

    Human: You have technologically manipulated our free will in order to
    accomplish this. This is not allowed!

    Greys: You have emotionally usurped /our/ will.

    Human: This is not allowed!

    Greys: This is allowed because you have created it.

    Human: And you have created your death scenario also.

    Greys: And you are creating yours.

    Human: We have passed that point.

    Greys: You /have/ /not/!

    Human: Your technology has put us to that point where we obviously became
    extinct a decade ago.

    Greys: You have not, you still have not allowed your world the balance it
    needs for there to be the transition, as smoothly as it could.

    Human: The transition is happening right now.

    Greys: It is in process, and you see upheaval and what you call
    detrimental environmental impact around your planet.

    Human: Well, we also see too that there’s an abduction scenario that needs
    to stop and should not be continued any longer, it should be stopped at
    this present time. This is the mass consciousness of this planet of our
    free world.

    Greys: What you are referring to as stoppage is not stoppage that you
    seek, what you seek is transformation and equality of terms. You do not
    seek stoppage; you seek conscious participation.

    Human: Well, our negotiations need to be re-evaluated.

    Greys: Then evaluate them.

    Human: We are evaluating at the moment and this needs to cease.

    Greys: You do not need to evaluate them with /us/; you need to evaluate them
    with /yourselves/.

    Human: With /you…/because technologically you are at an advantage point at
    this moment.

    Greys: You do not understand the concept of technology as we experience

    Human: And you do not understand love emotion, the energy that you need to
    exist with, and that’s why you are becoming extinct.

    Greys: It is now through hybridization that we are beginning to connect to
    the understanding of what you experience and label as love energy, but you
    as species, do not exhibit love energy in the way you ask us to.

    Human: We are being manipulated at this point and that’s why we want our
    free will back, /we want it back!/

    Grey: You have your free will; you have no manipulation of your will with
    regard to your ability to express, what you call, your emotional context.

    Human: We do not want any more of your technology here on this planet; it
    is self-destructive.

    Greys: You have no more of our technology.

    Human: And it will be agreed upon.

    Greys*: You have no more of our technology*. What you experience as the
    idea you refer to as our technology is not our technology any longer. It
    is /your/ technology. You have your FACTION, you have your structure, you
    have your military, you have your government. These are exploitations of
    your free will. We do not participate in that.

    Human: Not at the present moment, but who has manipulated that to start

    Greys: In time, agreements were made between what were deemed to be the
    representatives of your world. You still allow those individuals to
    represent, but we are no longer engaged.

    Human: Well, we do understand what you are saying with our emotions as you
    look at it, as our shortcomings, but we do, as a mass-consciousness, want
    it to end.

    Greys: It will change, and in that it will experience, what you call, an
    end, but you are required to change before it can be experienced as an
    equal transition.

    Human: Well we are here and we know what is going on, and we do expect
    action and we expect you to keep hold up your end of the bargain.

    Human: Our end is met; your end is within yourselves. End of

    Human: Thank you.

    B: One moment, one moment, one moment… did you have a satisfactory
    conversation with the entity?

    Q: Pretty much, he’s not very emotional but I knew that…

    B: But you knew that.

    Q: Yes, I knew that. I knew that I was dealing with a machine that…

    B: Well, so to speak. You are dealing with a type of hive mentality.

    Q: Right.

    B: You are dealing with an entity that only experiences, shall we say, the
    closest approximation of what you would call an emotion: the sensation of

    Q: I see.

    B: And that is all that they can experience in that state. Now understand
    that what you asked to converse with was one of the more primitive
    factions. We thought it best to simply start at the beginning with one of
    the older and more primitive factions. You must understand that there
    already are more evolved factions of, what you call, the Grey that do
    understand more concretely the blending and incorporation of the emotional

    Q: And that is your future selves.

    B: Yes, but in that sense, it is the idea that we gave you first as the
    opportunity to interact with, what you call, the foundation, so that the
    interactions could ripple upwards through the incorporation of the
    entities’ hive mentality and have some kind of an effect, as you would say,
    up the line.

    Q: Well, do you feel that I had an effect on him that you can see or feel
    at the moment?

    B: I feel that you had an effect on /yourself/, and that will make all the
    difference in their capability of interacting or not interacting with you,
    in the way that they determine that they must. That’s the difference.

    Q: Well, I’m just concerned with the present time and what is going on
    here. That’s why I’m here…

    B: But watch you levels of fear, for you yourself are exhibiting some of
    that vibration still. And the idea is, that as much of that vibration of
    fear and anger as you, in yourself, experience, it only reinforces the idea
    of the agenda that you say you would like to transform.

    Q: That is true…

    B: So you yourself must come from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, even as you state
    your preferences and stand your ground. That is what will create the
    equality of terminology that will allow conscious interaction and
    participation with the level of the Greys that ultimately does have the
    incorporation of the emotional body sufficiently to understand what you are
    saying, and interact with you on a more equal basis.

    Q: If they were to end their agenda at the moment and be prematurely short
    for months instead of a decade… how would that effect the Essassani race?

    B: It would not affect us since we are in, what you would call, a parallel
    reality time track. But, in terms of their reality time track, they would
    cease to exist. They would die.

    Q: They would die at the present moment?

    B: Yes.

    Q: Is there any other way that you can salvage them or can save them in
    any other way, if they had to end it at this moment?

    B: One moment…

    Q: A cosmic reason?

    B: One moment… one moment… one moment… there was an offer made by
    another species to them as an alternative that they rejected.

    This offer, if it can be, perhaps, translated into your language, would be
    something as follows: it was likened to the idea of offering to render
    their essence down into a mathematical construct, and to be deposited in an
    artificially created matrix, until such time that evolution would allow
    there to be, incarnationally speaking, automatically bodies available for
    their constructs to evolve into, or incarnate into, that would allow them
    to express themselves and learn to express themselves in a more balanced

    However, they rejected this because they feared, from their fear, in that
    sense, as best as they can experience fear, that it was a trap.

    The idea being that they /reflect/ that aspect of /your/ civilization that does
    not trust itself, for they contain that idea of not trusting since they are
    not in balance with themselves, and therefore, only deem themselves to be
    capable of deciding how it is that they should allow this agenda to play
    out, and will not allow others to help them in that sense.

    Q: Is there a way that we can have that negotiated?

    B: Again, the idea is to keep it at home. Allow yourself to strengthen
    your own unconditional love for yourself, and allow yourself to make the
    changes that you need to make within your own society; for it is only the
    changes that you need to make within your own society that will allow your
    society to have the collective critical mass to be able to deal with them
    on a more equal and loving basis.

    Q: Well, we also do have help from other entities from other sources…

    B: Yes, of course. But help is not doing it for you. We cannot do that.
    It is in your hands. You have had, and always do have, the free will.
    But, again, it comes down to the fear that exists within your society, and
    it is that that needs to be transformed.

    Q: Also, their fear of extinction.

    B: Yes. But they are only reflecting and are attracted to your society
    because your society also contains that kind of vibrational resonance.

    Q: I did understand that, yes.

    B: So, work on that and that will help them as well as yourself.

    Q: Okay, and tell them to work on theirs also.

    B: We do not need to.

    Q: I see, okay. Well, thank you for this communication.

    B: Thank you.

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  3. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    Curiosity led me to read this post, and listen to the message. Read and listen only if you are wanting to be freaked out.

    If this is true (and I have heard this from many sources) it has been on my mind that the World Leaders are, in fact, just World Deceivers, had no right to make this decision. This is a decision to be made by the Individual. For example, if the World Leaders said you were going to have sex with someone, and you do not want to, it is still rape. Even if they tricked humanity into thinking they were World Leaders, there are still areas that are beyond their control. Furthermore, every human who was a part of this experiment is entitled to royalties on the technology traded.

    I am writing this in case this is true, those humans who have suffered due to this are entitled to repayment, and in the future Individual conscious agreement is required before such a process continues.

    Their are plenty of sperm banks already set up, and other banks to get eggs. In order to get these, as an alien, the human has to have agreed that aliens can use the sperm and eggs in legally written form at the bank. Perhaps they can get extra money for this.

    So in the future all such activity is considered a violation of free will, and will be treated as such by the true powers that be.

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  4. We live in a “Free Will Universe,”. The Invading Forces by whatever name you choose to call them recognize this.

    The fact that aliens landed and met with our elected officials gave the aliens the impression that our chosen leaders had the power to speak for the planet. THEY DID NOT and here is why and how.

    Our leaders have to take an “OAT OF OFFICE” to serve “The People,” which they BROKE the moment they agreed to allow aliens to kidnap us.

    This means the contract was null and void on it’s face!!! Got that? Not a viable contract, no permission was given. Our elected leaders lost their power to represent us the moment they broke their oath to serve within their elected position of office. (Consider reading the various Oaths of Office and you will see how important this is)

    What does this mean? It means until people are told that in this part of the Universe they, (humanity) have the legal right to be “Free and Sovereign” unless they, the People, choose to ignore this right or give this right up from intimidation.

    When you stand up and state, “I declare myself a Free and Sovereign Being as is my choice and right within this Universe,” you will get allot of attention.

    When you state to these aliens, that at that moment in time when any Elected Civil Servant/s “politician/s” violate their oaths of office by selling humans into prostitution, slavery, as food, or as lab rats then that Civil Servant has broken his Oath of Office and no longer has the power to represent the people who elected him into office.

    This is why, anyone dealing with aliens in the past have been murdered. It would not due to have the general public find out that the millions of mission people from our State and Federal Park systems are being sold and confiscated by aliens believing they have the legal right to do so.

    This is also why you have noticed that no matter who you vote for, the Civil Servant is no longer acting like a Civil Servant, but a dictator.

    Wake up America!

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