Creating Reality


life of a procrastinatorI now officially reset all blogging commitments. 

I’m a procrastinator.  I’ve never been good at deadlines.  Though I’ve rarely missed a deadline, I’ve lost a lot of sleep.  As an engineer, working for the man, I have no choice.  I procrastinate because it is never my highest excitement.  This weekend, considering that I haven’t always followed my enthusiasm where writing is concerned, I decided to wipe most deadlines and procrastination out of my new non-engineering life.

I brought it in when I made the agreement with spirit to post every day on New Earth Blog.  Later on, I told my readers I would post every Sunday on Freedom, but sometimes my enthusiasm is elsewhere on a Sunday.  Once or twice I said I’d blog on a certain topic; then, when ready to write, I couldn’t remember what I had to say, or I’d lost enthusiasm.   So I’m releasing all unnecessary commitments on writing that get me out of the Vortex.

Lack of excitement = not in the Vortex of Creation ==> don’t try to create

Don’t try to work against your psychological quirks.  They have something to tell you.  Procrastination is a good thing, as Abraham says:

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