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Holy ShiftYou may not know that you are living in the most exciting time Earth has ever known.  We and Mother Earth have been in the midst of great changes quite noticeably since around the year 2000.  That’s why I’m sure you’ve noticed more frequent, strange and violent weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. These have coincided with strange and violent human actions, individual and collective, including wars.  People have increasingly felt rattled and upset.  Even those who are normally serene have had a hard time keeping an even mood.

Now in 2014, really since 12/21/2012, the tide is turning.  People have begun being more positive.  More are waking up to the world-wide tyranny of false governments, corporations and financial institutions, and saying, “We’re not gonna take it anymore!”

What’s going on?  That’s what the blog is about.

We’ve been living through an uptick, or Shift, of vibrational frequency, a Transformation from one systemic state to a higher state, the Transition that the Hopi told of long ago, also called an Ascension.

The blog will catch you up on those changes.  It’s timely and, just as Dolores Cannon’s work is, it’s metaphysical. This ties in with my QHHT work, because for years now, Dolores Cannon has heard from “Them” (Higher Self, or Subconscious – Spirit) that this shift was happening.  And now, her students are hearing about it from the Subconscious, through their clients.

Spirituality was my main drive – spiritual knowledge and experience, my heart’s desire, long before I knew of a Transformation into a higher dimension.  But you’ll eventually hear more of my background on the New Earth Blog.

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