The Event

We’ve Collectively Chosen Acceleration of New Earth Changes ~ The Event

Have you felt antsy and expectant lately?

The Event

is about to become clear and hopefully, undeniable

as a massive Galactic Wave hits Earth in September,

accelerating our Transformation.

September 2016 Wave

Be ready to relax, to keep feeling and projecting love, peace, and happiness during the big changes that are now starting.  Don’t fear.  We are witnessing one of the biggest and best events EVER on this planet.  Recently, it was said that we had a choice (as you will read, below) between a timeline of continued slow progress toward a planet without strife, conflict and war, or an accelerated timeline, with less gradual, huge and noticeable changes, and of course, including Divine assistance.  To me, there never was a doubt of what is coming.  I said, “Bring it on!”

I now feel that we, our Collective Consciousness, have chosen


of this continued


to STABILITY in our


Before we can get to discussions on Conscious Creation of Reality, we need to know that these changes ARE underway and how that makes it easier to consciously control Reality, individually and collectively.  The very fact that our collective has chosen, first in 2012, to all go to New Earth, and now, to take the accelerated path, shows how we are creating a new shared Reality.

The Energetic Gateways

I don’t study astrology, so I keep up with what other people are saying about Earth, Lunar, Sun and cosmic gateways—openings that bring Transformational energies to us.  Such gateways have been and are important in bringing about our New Earth Transformation.  Below is an excerpt from Sandra Walters’ recent article:

Triple Eclipse Portals: Triple eclipse portals of August 18 (lunar), September 1 at 2:01am PDT (Solar), and September 16 at 11:54am PDT (lunar) assist in bringing in these collective consciousness-shifting energies. Treat them as Gateway influxes; open your portals, open yourself to receive. Gaia[¹] consciously monitors and responds to your thoughts, creations and emotions. Show her what we desire, ask her (verbally – use your voice) to release the codes and frequencies to level up the Tribe and provide the accelerated experience.

September 9th – 11th; Initial Wave Entry: The Third wave² begins to trickle in September 9th – 11th. Most of you can feel it building already, it is already affecting the SUN with its powerful frequencies. Solar plasma will be greatly affected, which affects Gaia’s magnetics, activating (very) ancient codes for the dimensional shift. This is a big push for the accelerated timeline of Ascension. It does not happen without our command, our intention, and our ability to take (immediate) action on creating the Shift.

September 22 Equinox: The Equinox lands on September 22 at 7:21amPDT. This is the Gateway opening for the new level of consciousness. Honor it properly, be outside on Gaia as much as possible. The SUN and Gaia will have a strong bond during this Gateway, and our intentions for balance, peace, harmony and Ascension will be greatly amplified.

September 26 -29: Our Third Wave of 2016. This is our strongest influx in decades. Be excited, let’s do it right! These photonic frequencies further accelerate the activity of Ascension and will continue to flow in for several weeks. You may have noticed the Light does not step down in between waves any longer. This is a good thing; we are able to maintain higher levels of light without integration periods as in the past. Each wave this year has raised the light level dramatically, and accelerated the Ascension. The purging, revelatory activity continues to build to compliment Source’s command for order, harmony and Ascension.

By the time this wave hits, we will have collectively chosen the acceleration opportunity. I feel we are capable of experiencing an acceleration without too much duress, or at least we are prepared to assist the collective properly. A heart-based expression, embodying the Christed state of peace, has tremendous power as this unfolds. Many are experiencing the neutralizing effect of the crystalline level of Divine Love. I AM confident the Light Tribe will flow through this passage with ease and grace.

In Love, Light and Service,

How do I know that the above, or anything about New Earth, is true?  I work with or as my Higher Self (not all the time—yet), and I know things intuitively, usually with claircognizance—clear knowing.  In getting information, I rarely see an image, while the information seems, with a certain feeling, very clear.  I had to learn not to doubt it.

I must keep in mind that new readers and even some of you who have been with me for awhile don’t yet have a clear idea of what is happening, or have doubts.  I’ve been answering questions from my friend Jim, on Facebook.  He’s very good at giving me honest questions and asking for clarification of my answers.  So today, I’ll share some recent conversation with you.  [BTW, click on the Facebook button at the top of the blog to go to my Facebook page.]  It began in response to my two articles on Earth becoming a fourth density planet.

Jim:  That’s not 4D, I know, but what is it exactly? Just another step toward the New Earth or are we there?

Rosalie:  No, it’s not 4D meaning 4th Dimension in my use of the letter D. We are in 5D.

2016 is actually year 3 of New Earth. 2013 was too chaotic to count, “they” (higher level beings) say. Since every human soul on Earth decided to go into New Earth, it didn’t happen suddenly, in a big cataclysmic period for 3D. That allowed the slower ones to come along. We didn’t leave suddenly to ascend to another world; rather, we all changed gradually since mid 2012 (and before, really). Transformational energies have hit us and hit us, the purpose being to wake up everyone.

I recall that already in 2014, we had split into third and fourth density, on Mother Earth, who’d become a 5D planet. That’s why people began parting company with spouses and friends, as one stayed 3rd and one went 4th density. Even if both were 4th, but not so well suited, they realized it and parted. So that striation of energetic vibrations has been existing for almost three years, almost never the twain shall meet. I think the best way to explain what just happened is that people kept crossing over from 3rd to 4th density, and now we humans have reached a threshold where we collectively hold enough light to qualify as a 4th density planet.

The negativity can’t stay here and its clearing is in process. That’s why I called 2016 “The Year of Better and Better”.

See yesterday’s post on (just below this on my fb timeline), for a video discussing 4th density qualities.

Jim: This is pure gibberish. Nothing you said makes any sense. What are the changes that occur when one changes from 3rd to 4th density? Who said we are actually in 5D now? Is there proof of this happening? I know things have been happening but I see no proof of any real changes.

Rosalie: I like that you keep putting out your honest reactions, Jim. Remember to check your intuitive feelings, and if you disagree, so be it. And know that the idea of living according to what is officially “proven” may not be the best path. Have you noticed, as I have, that you rarely run into negative people, unless you live or work amongst them? Have you noticed a lot of separations and job changes amongst your acquaintances? I guess you don’t have many clouds where you live, but do you see changes in the sky? Do you see more love and intelligence in both people and animals? So let me Google “We’re in 5D”…

[I followed with links to videos about Earth’s being 5D.³]

Rosalie:  Many more are out there! Re qualities of 4th density, did you listen to the second video in my last blog post? Please let me know how you feel about when you’ve had time to digest it.

Rosalie:  Oh, re proof, take a look at Earth’s Schumann Resonance. Last I heard it had more than doubled.

 Jim:  All I want is someone to sit me down and tell me, in words I can understand, exactly what is going on now and in the near future. I have way too much static and can’t pick out what I need to know. Please help!
I’ll post my next response tomorrow.  I hope this Q&A is beneficial for some of you or your friends!


  1. Gaia simply is the being whose body is Earth, also called Mother Earth or  Patchamama.  Most of my readers never grew up calling her Gaia.  Neither did I, but I always knew that she was alive.  Besides, none of these is her real name.
  2. Third Wave of powerful transformative energy in 2016.
  3. Links about our being in 5D (fifth dimension):

(link for emailed posts)

The next link I provided is Wings of Angels are Enfolding You in Light ~ Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel.  It’s a long page, so here are key phrases where she speaks of being in 5D:

We are in 5D now, and your chakra system is responding very differently. From a yogic perspective, the core intention is still the same — Union with God — but how we get into that state has changed dramatically!

In 5D, the ideas of Oneness, Divine Union and the connection to All of Life become the prevalent intention for our experience. Life becomes more purposeful, more respectful and more fulfilling when we are based in this state of Divine Love.

As we dedicate our lives to Unity and focus our awareness on alignment with Source energy, all things change. When our consciousness becomes permeated with Love, life takes on a magical quality in 5D that we have never experienced. Peace becomes a true reality for all beings.

I feel passionate about this time in which we live and know it is important that we create alignment in our chakra systems before the end of the year. I want us to begin 2016 anchored in 5D awareness and aligned with our highest purpose as a blended divine human.

A Galactic Message – Matt Kahn/

Just want to point out that Earth became 5D and we humans followed. Matt’s announcement was to say that about 1/3 of us, by then, would be 5D. Let him explain what he said that may be like. And it was like that, a little different for each of us.




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  1. Though I see some of the changes, or maybe it’s just that I want to see the changes that I make them so, I don’t believe I am in 5D. I have had some people drop out of my life, truly negative people that used to be very positive in nature, and have not personally encountered any negativity in awhile, this doesn’t prove a 5D world to me. Are there signs that I am missing or just not opening my eyes to see? I know some who will never make it to 5D with their attitude and personality but I want to be there, or get there asap, and actually KNOW that I am there. How will I know for sure?

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    • Until a person is able to use intuition, which you probably have, but don’t know how to notice it, or begin to get some other 5D abilities, like looking into future, looking at timelines, conversing with higher beings, you may not feel that you know for sure. You could join a group or form one, to practice various ways of gaining information. Look for a meetup in your area, maybe. I tell ya, I did not realize that my overly rational mind was cancelling out information, including visions, faster than I could recognize them, until I worked in Dr. Gregory’s classes. He would go around the room after a meditation and ask each person what they had experienced. I would say nothing. But then I’d realize, hey, I did see or hear something like someone else told. I did work with a group of 3-4 psychics for awhile and I got very good. So that’s why I advise working with one or more others.

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  2. Hi Jim – try listening to this Matt Kahn webcall on the different consciousnesses (3D, 4D, 5D). To summarize it, he says that 5D isn’t a feeling, it’s how you PERCEIVE what you feel. It’s knowing what you experience (good or bad) is for your soul’s growth, and you don’t have to like it. People normally associate 5D with just feeling good/happy/joyful, but it’s all 5D. Happy, sad, angry. You can be angry and not like that feeling, but know that as a soul, you are somehow growing from it. 5D is about inclusion, (bad/good) and not polarity. The inclusion being, it’s all from Source.

    It helped me, thought it might help you too. 🙂 Maybe give it a shot?

    Hi Rosalie – random topic here, but I too am claircognizance. I’ve struggled with it as being my form of how my higher self/guides talk to me because I’ve always wanted to be clairvoyant or clairaudient. At times I’ve been downright angry about it. “Why don’t I hear or see things!!!” I lament. I get that knowing feeling ( that I’m supposed to embrace how I’ve decided to “talk” to myself this lifetime. I also get the feeling that it’s one of my challenges I’ve set up. To trust myself. Do you have tips on learning to trust that knowing? How did you learn to trust yourself?


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  3. I was exposed to 5D & higher in my soul search thru a simple little book by Jane E. Hart called “Spiritual power tools” in 2004.Before meeting her, I had been meditating & practicing my 3rd eye availability. Once i acknowledged my intuition & followed it instead of my ego, my life changed. My friends & family distanced themselves from me or just outright disowned me. I hope everyone can find their way to the 5D world. For me, it was a choice that gave me experiences I have no words for here on earth. I am employed as a maintenance person. I know, cheap metaphor.

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    • That’s awesome, Don! Thanks for sharing this encouraging note with us. I know that many people have been “disowned” for their new understanding and spirituality, and knowing they are not the only sure is helpful! Another thing to note is not to rush ourselves or worry whether we’re progressing enough. We each need just work on our good life, whatever that is for each of us..


  4. Hi, Lindsey,

    I love Matt Kahn, so thanks for providing that link. It’s a good point to make, that we still have “negative” emotions. The difference is that we allow them and get past them with little effort. We don’t hang onto them.

    It’s also true that we look at experiences to see what they are telling us, as you may have been doing while still in 3D. Now, though, we get intuitive understanding to help us figure that out more easily.

    You’re the first person I’ve heard who, like me, feels that you intended before coming in this time, claircognizance with clairsentience to be the only or the most used higher perception(s). Yes, the idea being to trust ourselves. Thanks for sharing it.

    I’ve told about working with a group and sharing what we each experienced. Then, I underwent my first QHHT session, asking the questions that I’d been wondering about. My Subconscious, or Higher Self, gave me the same answers that I’d already come up with. I first thought that I wasn’t hypnotized and answered what I already rationally thought. Then I had a couple of intuitive sessions where practitioners verified my knowing. Finally, I used to read many channeled messages from archangels and ascended masters. I now rarely read those, since they were saying things I had already cognized. I now usually believe myself, but sometimes I do lack complete trust. A few things I’ve asked my shaman to verify, and he has–sometimes adding more details, which tells me I need to get better at quietly asking for more details from my Self.

    Thanks for these wonderful comments!


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